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Wallace R. Baldwin Home-Page

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

International Blacksheep Society of Genealogists

International Blacksheep Society of Genealogists: "The International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists (IBSSG) is an Association of Genealogists who have found 'blacksheep ancestors' in their direct family lines, or under the 'One Degree Rule' of the Society. "

met a founder member in an AOL chatroom

here is her tree

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Ancestors of AletaM: "Unless there are note with the individual, with my initials (AJTM), this person has not been documented in any way by me. Much of this has been in my family for many years and is first person information. I'm doing my best to verify it."



Blackfeet Nation

Link below
Name: Cole, Native American, and Canadian
Location: Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Browning Montana
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Walk alone"
Hobbies & Interests: My Appaloosa, snowmobile, snowboarding, hunting.
Favourite Gadgets: Ton's", to many to mention !!
Occupation: Work for family.
Personal Quote: Be kind to one another"


Iraq Care Packages

Iraq Care Packages: "Iraq Care Packages
Letters, goodies and necessities sent to the troops can bring a fleeting taste of home to a tired, lonely soldier.
Service members lack the safety and conveniences of home. News out of Iraq is depressing - imagine how the troops must feel."

posted by a chatter

my family

my family

My Hobbies & Interests
genealogy,anything to do with the civil war, cooking, reading sewing ,walking in a light rain or the fresh fallen snow ,walking along the beach playing with my grandchildren. the names i am researching are BROWN, VICKERS, COFFEE, DAILY, BEAULIEU, CURLESS, LIPPETT, LAWTON, ROMPALA, MAILLIOUX, HESSELTON, WARNER, RAYMOND MADISON, STONE, AND MANY MANY MORE

Mac the Knife 1950ies

My best friends, my memories!

As a side line: "Web site design"
Web master for DAR.
Favourite Gadgets: Paint shop pro, autocad
Occupation: Retired, no money, no job, no worries!
Still have me Red hair, Blue eyes
Personal Quote: If one does not make mistakes, then one is not doing anything?

Duvall, Charles: The elusive one!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Open Directory - Computers: Usenet: Feed Services

Open Directory - Computers: Usenet: Feed Services: "Top: Computers: Usenet: Feed Services " no more usenet on AOL

Saturday, March 12, 2005

ShoeString Genealogy

My page of names

My page of names

My Online Life
you can either find me in GENEALOGY CHAT room or playing POGO. Or if I am busy..I am looking at other homepages

Kouzin Konnection: "Travis Chapell

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37 Easy Ways to Find Peace of Mind

Stress is a fact of life, but being stressed out is not.

"1. Breathe Easily
'Breathing from your diaphragm oxygenates your blood, which helps you relax almost instantly,' says Robert Cooper, Ph.D., the San Francisco coauthor of The Power of 5 (Rodale Press, 1996), a book of five-second and five-minute health tips. Shallow chest breathing, by contrast, can cause your heart to beat faster and your muscles to tense up, exacerbating feelings of stress. To breathe deeply, begin by putting your hand on your abdomen just below the navel. Inhale slowly through your nose and watch your hand move out as your belly expands. Hold the breath for a few seconds, then exhale slowly. Repeat several times.
2. Visualize Calm" more:

MrElf'sWeb Profile

MrElf'sWeb Profile: "My Favorite Places
I hang out in Life - Disabled Support on AOL.
If you want more info on Diabetes, go to one of the web sites listed in my link section. The three links have free information that all diabetics should look at. In fact NDIC and NDEP have free publications you can order online"

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Genealogy Community News

AOL Genealogy Community News

HOST RL Jenna: if you haven't seen the new Genealogy Community News journal, check it out.
Right now, that journal is the only place that has an updated hosting schedule for our community

An opt-in journal for Genealogy Community Leaders to keep in touch with members interested in family history and research. For more information, please use AOL Keyword: GENEALOGY COMMUNITY

What is ".ART"?. (Page 5)

What is ".ART"?. (Page 5): "is an Undocumented and Unknown Graphic Format
Widely Scattered Over the Web "

Monday, March 07, 2005


THE PSYCHO BIRD ARMY: "hair brown with a hint of bald eyes hazel i live on the planet of the psycho birds, it's 200 miles from mongo. "

Sunday, March 06, 2005

from Tænk web mail - Min telefon skal virke
from my email - edited for typos and expanded:-

Kære 3,

I har lovet mig 3G-mobilteknologi. Det har jeg sagt ja til, og nu betaler jeg, som vi aftalte. Men det virker ikke efter hensigten. Nu beder jeg jer om at opfylde jeres del af aftalen.

Mit problem er:

DNS server failed many times when using a 3 motorola as a modem to access the world wide web from the usb connection to my Sony laptop på Østerbro København Ø

unikt dataprodukt - 2GB for 239,20 kr.
surfer man med en hastighed på op til 384 Kbit/s. never seen :-)
Uden for 3’s dækning surfer man på TDC’s net, hvor hastigheden maksimalt når 54 Kbit/s.

But it was much much cheaper and faster than Orange net Sony Ericsson T610 which I bought as an expensive mistake at Fields butik 118 Elgiganten
The Orange GPRS net modem connected through a better port but was much much slower and more reliable and I could not get a GPRS fixed price connection, so I move on to 3G

Elgiganten Fields
Arne Jacobsens allé 12
Butik nr. 118
2300 København S

read my blog

I logged quite a lot of the error messages and dates and times :- 2005_01_01 archive

see :-

it took 5 days to get connected

It reminded me of the old days, about 1995, when many ISP had similar problems.

On balance I am satisfied with the service - it is in BETA after all :-)

The sevice from the 3 shop by Amagertorv was great - 3Butikker på Østergade 59 - the Motorola A925 phone has bad contacts in the chair - not as good a design as the Sony Ericsson T610 I use for Orange My first telephone started throwing "hardware errors" and was replaced at no cost to me.

I am age 69 and mobile phones still seem miraculous to me,
like jewels of hitech.

Hvornår kan jeg forvente, at det virker?
Hvis I ikke kan besvare det spørgsmål, vil jeg gerne vide, hvornår jeg får mine penge tilbage?

Svar mig venligst her:

Hugh Watkins
Brumleby 90 blok G
2100 København Ø

I am in UK for a couple of months
0044 121 770 0288
so I in UK use my orange phone as a beam me up Scottie to call taxies or police.

my 3 number is forgotten . . .

AHA but is in my BLOG
Mobilnummer:: 31241936

Med venlig hilsen

Hugh Watkins

LOL now what was my number ?
I used Orange mostly

Hugh Watkins

and 31xxxxxx for my daughter
who has made no complaints to me.

Denne mail er sendt via forbrugermagasinet TÆNKs hjemmeside

Complaining about my 3G connection

Tænk - Problemer med 3-telefoner? Send en klagemail: "Problemer med 3-telefoner? Send en klagemail"

This goes under the AOL blog because I used the mobile phone to connect to AOL
TÆNK = THINK and is the Danish consumer magazine the equivalent of WHICH in the UK

"which" is a very common word and was not included in your search oops forgot the + plus sign
Google Search: +which uk

Before chemotherapy :)

GunrLady - All You Need to Know About Me: "After chemo, darn it! But .... ALIVE!"

good for a membership in possum lodge, nothing else

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Broadband Speedtest Bandwidth Connection Internet Speed Test

Broadband Speedtest Bandwidth Connection Internet Speed Test:

nominally 1.2

2005-03-05 17:12:44 EST: 846 / 240
Your download speed : 867036 bps, or 846 kbps.
A 105.8 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 246305 bps, or 240 kbps.

broadband - The 'bible' for Information on DSL, Cable and Other High Speed Internet Services

McAfee Speedometer USA 656 kps Sweden
Download size in thousands of bytes: 100
Throughput in Kilobits per Second: 926.2
Throughput in Kilobytes per Second: 113.5

Twinings - Home

Twinings - Home

Twinings - Explore our Range: "Earl Grey is a light tea, pale gold in colour with the delicate flavour of the citrus fruit bergamot. Enjoy refreshing Earl Grey at any time, whether mid-morning or after dinner."

County of Origin

Did You Know?
Earl Grey is named after Charles, the 2nd Earl Grey, who received the gift of a special form of tea from a Chinese Mandarin. As this began to run out, Charles asked Thomas Twining to match it for him. From then on the blend became known as ‘Earl Grey’s’ tea, and the original recipe is still adhered to today.

whilst I chat om AOL

My Chat Profile

My Chat Profile: "Hey my name is Mary Bob McClain
Born and raise in Tennessee moved to Alabama 1970.
Married to a Viet Nam Veteran.
Two children. l grandson.
My son just returned home from Iraqi Freedom
MOS 3rd ID : Driver M1A1 Abrams

McLean/ McClain/ Cooper/ Kennedy/ Hunt/ Stockard/ Kilpatrick/ Beckum/
Pickard/ Oaks/ Hurst/ Williams/ Houser/ Polk/ Clenendin/
Dickson/ McMillan/ Hamm/ Maxwell/

My Weirdest Chat Experience


You are in "Ancestral Digs" chat room

Genealogy Community

Genealogy Weekly Chat Schedule

All Times Eastern New York, United States current local time

Monday 9-10AM ET (to Friday too): Mugs and Hugs in Ancestral Digs
Join HOST RL Maine and HOST RL Treeez for a relaxed general genealogy chat. Other hosts on the other days

Saturday 9-11AM ET: Mugs and Hugs in
Ancestral Digs
Join HOST RL Dae and HOST RL Jayne for a relaxed general genealogy chat.

USE the IGNORE MEMBER button to hide annoying chatters if no host
and send them to Coventry ! eg school kids at 300 pm

OnlineHost: *** You are in "Ancestral Digs". ***

Use Notify AOL to report offensive chat.

Discuss your family tree, ancestry and other genealogy topics here.
Go to AOL Keyword: Genealogy Community for
more chats and message boards.

HOST RL Jayne: Good Morning Hugh W36 welcome to the

HOST RL Jayne: weekend version of [_]D (_)? and

Hugh W36:
hi guys

HOST RL Jayne:
good morning Hugh

HOST RL Jayne: ooops good afternoon ;)

I am in Brum UK!


HOST RL Jayne: Hugs and Mugs is a rather loose (relaxed) genealogy
HOST RL Jayne: chat room, we gather each Mon thru Sat to discuss
HOST RL Jayne: and cuss the weather, food and anything else that
HOST RL Jayne: is available. (even Genealogy) :-)

we also exchange look ups
and a BINGO is when new found cousins meet each other

Friday, March 04, 2005



Our family has blended from many places. Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Russia and Canada.

"If you cannot get rid of your family skeleton, you may as well make it dance" -George Bernard Shaw-

My Web Profile Page by vascb

My Web Profile Page

The Nashville TN bridge used to be for vehicles over the Cumberland river,
but it became too dangerous so now used for pedestrians only.

My Ancestors

My Ancestors

Location: The Empire State - New York

Hobbies: Travel, Gathering with family and friends, Wineries,
Genealogy - So when the good Lord calls me home, I will know who my family/ancestors are

Web Building Chat

JSHosting ~ Home met in Web Building Chat aol co uk

J-Forum- Home: "J-Forum is a fun, fast growing community. We have dozens of forums for you to chat in, a full featured RPG system and an arcade with over 200 flash games.
Can you get the most trophies in the arcade? Will you create the best character? Or maybe you prefer to sit back and have a conversation with other members, "

Thursday, March 03, 2005

More boilerplate

Dear Member,

Thank you for your query today. We are always more than happy to help with any problems that might arise.

Kindly accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have had on AOL.

For the problems you have been experiencing, we recommend that you try the steps listed below to ensure that everything is fine at your end. It is advised that you print this email before you continue as you may need to close AOL for troubleshooting and this will prevent you from reading the required steps.Kindly note that I tried accessing the webpage that you were refering to and it opened with the same speed in AOL as well as Internet Explorer. However, kindly be assured that I shall certainly investigate the issue that you have reported.


1 This may be a problem with a damaged AOL Adapter. This is the file that connects AOL to the Internet Explorer on your computer. If we remove it, AOL will build a new one, and you should be all ready to get back on the WEB. :-)

2 Click on START, select Programs, select AOL, then click on AOL SYSTEM INFORMATION. The AOL system information tool will open. This will take a moment as the tool gathers information about your computer.

3 When the AOL System Information tool is open, click on the UTILITIES tab. Click on UNINSTALL AOL ADAPTER. AOL will update, then you will be prompted to restart the computer.

4 If you are prompted to insert your Windows CD, insert the CD, then follow the on-screen prompts. Click on YES to restart the computer. When the computer restarts, launch AOL. If you are prompted to restart again, click on Restart Now.

5 You may be prompted to restart several times. Click on Restart Now each time, until AOL launches normally. The computer restarts several times to rebuild the AOL Adapter files.

1. Click SETTINGS on the AOL toolbar.
2. Click the BY CATEGORY tab, then select ORGANIZATION.
4. Reduce the Maximum disk space to use for online art value to 10/35, then click on Save button.
5. On the AOL menu bar, click on File, then click on Exit.
Note: The artwork database will be rebuilt as AOL closes.
6. Start AOL as you would normally.
7. On the AOL toolbar, click on Settings.
2. Click the BY CATEGORY tab, then select ORGANIZATION.
9. Reset the Maximum disk space to use for online art value to 80 or more, then click on Save button.


The more you save and delete files, the more fragmented a disk becomes and the more resources it takes to locate items. There's a utility to defragment your hard disk.

Click START, choose PROGRAMS (or ALL PROGRAMS), choose ACCESSORIES, choose SYSTEM TOOLS, and then click DISK DEFRAGMENTER. Click ANALYZE or OK. The program determines whether defragmentation is necessary.

Depending on the size of the disk and its condition, defragmenting can take time. You may want to start the defragment process when you are done using the computer for the day and let it run overnight.

Defragmenting works best if no other applications are open. Therefore, close any open programs, including AOL and virus detectors, before starting the defragment process.

Click on the Start button->Settings->Control Panel->Internet options->Settings Tab->Click on view files->Press Ctrl + A ->then press Delete.

May we also ask you Click on the Start button->Settings->Control Panel->Internet options->Delete Cokies ->OK -> Delete Files-> Put a check mark on all the Offline Contenet ->OK -> Clear History -> Apply - OK .

To recover RAM (Random Access Memory) being used by other programs in the background please follow these simple steps:

Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME

1. Hold down the Control & ALT keys on your keyboard and press the DELETE button once. This opens the Close Programs window.

2. Close all programs in this list except Explorer, Systray, Rundll32 (if present) and AOL.

3. To close a program, you highlight it in the Close Program window and click on the End Task button, the Close Program window should disappear, you then press CTRL+ALT+DELETE buttons again to bring it back up.

Repeat these steps until only Explorer, Systray, rundll32 (if present) and AOL are left in the Close Program window. Sometimes another window will appear, saying "This program is busy or notresponding", you End Task on this window also.

Windows 2000 and XP

1. Hold down the CTRL & ALT key on your keyboard and press DELETE once, this will open a new window.� Select the applications tab inside the task manager.

2. Close all programs that are running on this list.� Sometimes another window will appear, saying "This program is busy or notresponding", you End Task on this window also.

3. Press the X on the top right on the window to close the task manager.�
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us through our Member Services Area.

Kind Regards,

AOL UK Technical Support.

**Due to the large volumes of enquiries we are dealing with, it is possible that your enquiry is dealt with by different agents. We request that you include your email and any previous reply from our side in your communications by using the FORWARD option on the email,and then sending it to

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

If "" appears in the "To:" field of the email

from my email:-

Dear Member,

Thank you for your recent email.

While AOL can easily take action against AOL members who violate our
Conditions of Service by sending unsolicited junk email, it is much more difficult
to take action against email sent from other servers, which do not fall under
the remit of our Conditions of Service.

The "headers" on Internet email you receive can be manipulated to make it
appear as though the email in question originated from within AOL, a legitimate
Internet site, or even from your own screen name.

If "" appears after your screen name in the "To:" field of the email
you received, it was sent from the Internet, possibly with manipulated
header information.

As many junk email senders make use of innocent Internet sites with
misconfigured email software, it is sometimes difficult or impossible to determine
the actual site from which the junk email originated.

The actual site (or the site abused by the sender) is contained in the
"Received:" headers located at the very bottom of the Internet headers of the
email you received. These lines read like postmarks, and should be read in
reverse order with the most recent recipient (AOL) at the top, and the original
sender at the bottom.

If you are using AOL's version 7.0, email from the Internet is identified by a message stating "Sent from the Internet". Clicking on the "Details"
hyperlink will display the full Internet headers for this message.

You may find the following information of use in the future.

Report unwanted email
If you receive an harassing or unwanted email from another AOL member, you
can report it to the Conditions of Service department by forwarding it to us.
To do this, open the original mail you received, click on the "forward" icon,
and send it to the screen name CosUK, or to COSFiles if it contains an
embedded image or attached file.

Unsolicited and unwanted email originating from the Internet should be
forwarded to the screen name COSMail1 or COSMail2.

Block unwanted mail
AOL's Mail Controls at Keyword: Mail Controls allow you to control your
online experience by allowing you to choose who you do or do not wish to receive
mail from. You can use Mail Controls to either prevent specific members from
sending you email, or to allow only those people you specify to send you

Use Parental & Mail Controls
If you have children or young adults using their own screen name, use AOL's
Parental Controls in association with AOL's Mail Controls to help ensure they
have a safe and enjoyable online experience. For more information, visit
Keyword: Parental Controls and Keyword: Mail Controls.

We hope that this information is of use to you. Should you have any further
questions, please write to the screen name COSMonitor, as this screen name
cannot accept replies.


Conditions of Service Department

AOL hometown server for is a snail

from my email:-


your co uk hometown server is too slow



takes about 30 seconds

problem is with AOL and AOL Transit Data Network [] []


All other non AOL sites work with adequate speed

search for member page

about 4 seconds

Home Page Results for heatherasplin:

White Lancer & the Vedette

Description: White Lancer & the Vedette Home The White Lancer and the Vedette21st LANCERS.Nominal

Updated: 21/12/03

--- times out after 90 seconds

I found this website: has some lists of names from some regiments - helpful if you have more unusual names in your tree than I do!!!!! I found a couple that could be my relatives but then again they might not be!Nikki

----- this AOL service is disgraceful !



Tracing route to []over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 17 ms 16 ms 16 ms []
2 20 ms 16 ms 17 ms []

3 67 ms 18 ms 17 ms []

4 17 ms 16 ms 17 ms []

5 16 ms 16 ms 17 ms []
6 84 ms 84 ms 84 ms []
7 88 ms 89 ms 89 ms []
8 88 ms 89 ms 89 ms []
9 88 ms 89 ms 88 ms []
10 90 ms 90 ms 89 ms []
11 89 ms 91 ms 89 ms []
12 * * * Request timed out.



Tracing route to []over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 16 ms 17 ms 16 ms []
2 16 ms 17 ms 16 ms []

3 19 ms 17 ms 17 ms

4 17 ms 17 ms 17 ms []
5 17 ms 17 ms 17 ms []
6 85 ms 85 ms 85 ms []
7 88 ms 89 ms 88 ms []
8 88 ms 89 ms 89 ms []
9 88 ms 91 ms 91 ms []
10 90 ms 90 ms 91 ms []
11 * * * Request timed out.
12 * *

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 6:20 AM
Subject: Re: heatherasplin hometown uk AOL Member Services

Dear Member,

Thank you for your query today. We are always more than happy to help with any problems that might arise.

I appreciate that you've taken the time to allow us an opportunity to handle this for you. I truly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I understand the urgency in correcting all your concerns and I am most willing to help you further.

For your recent enquiry, I would like to let you know that when you take down a web page and alter it , and then re-upload it you may notice that you still see the old page .This is because your temporary internet files are remembering the old page for fast access to it and so this is the page that is displayed. To avoid this , after uploading you need to delete your temporary internet files and clear your internet history .

To do this click on START -
SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL. From there double left click on INTERNET OPTIONS. Once on this screen find the button marked DELETE FILES and click it once. Confirm that you wish to delete the temporary internet files. Now locate the button marked CLEAR HISTORY and click that once also. Again confirm that you wish to clear the current web page History. When you reload the page also press F5 on the keyboard to refresh the page to its most recent appearance.

I hope that this is to your satisfaction. If you do have any further questions with regard to this, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Take care and have a nice day :)

Kind Regards,

AOL UK Member Services.

----------original message----------

heatherasplin is a member with some impressive military pages

but I cannot view them except in google's cache
because your server is so slow

Web Site Not Responding
The web site you have requested may be experiencing technical difficulties
due to a busy or broken server.
Please try again by clicking the Reload icon on your navigation bar
or, if that doesn't work, you may want to return to the site at a later time.

504 Connection Timed Out

Danish genealogy - dansk genealogi

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

By subculturemakeup hometown UK

Digging up bones.

Digging up bones.: "Ronda is my name
and Genealogy is my game.
My Online Life
I love to chat with online friends in the genealogy chat room and research my ancestry online

Jimmy's Page


My Branch of Mock

My Branch of MockPersonal Quote: be nice it rubs off...

just me and she

just me and she an very much in love
Hobbies & Interests:
surnames...Sadler, Stacer,Witherspoon,Bingham, Mericle,Merkel,Miracle,Markel, Chapin,
Tarver, Bluejacket,Morgan, Tucker,Fullilove, Featherstone, Kabrick,George,Michie,Terry,Avalon

Occupation: self, music store owner

Far's Profile

Fars Profile: "My Online Life
Chatting about genealogy. Chatting with friends either by I/M or in Gen Chat room. "


obsession: "My Obsession..... Genealogy!

My interest in genealogy began in 1986 and love to frequent court house records, archives, historical societies, libraries and cemeteries. To round things out, I also enjoy a wide variety of other interests. I live in rural Ohio, enjoy being in the great outdoors for walks, nature, swimming, camping, fishing & gardening. I also enjoy playing the 12 string acoustic guitar, sew when in the mood, and get a kick out of karaoke
Scroll down for helpful Ohio websites! "

Tigh Nam Piobairean "The Piper's House"

Tigh Nam Piobairean "The Piper's House": "Basic Facts
Becoming old and crotchety

My Hobbies & Interests
Fishing, Flying, Shooting, Bagpipes

A Piper For All Occasions:
Parties, Parades, Weddings, Funerals. Wars and Riots Considered. "

anothe piper in Special Interests Genealogy

15th Hussars - 1845 - Bangalore

15th Hussars - 1845 - Bangalore

this server co uk is still too slow timed out in AOL 9
about 2 mins in MSIE 6

My Web Profile Page

I'm a grandfather. I've been a pilot for half as long as aeroplanes have been flying and a flight instructor for over 30 years. I also teach the Great Highland Bagpipe

My Family History arilu1030

My Family History
Name: Mary Underberg Thurman

Hobbies & Interests: Genealogy, computers, grandkids, cross stitch,

My Current Research
I am researching these surnames: Underberg, Otto and Neppl families from Carroll County Iowa and Wilkin county Minnesota. Peschel family from Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa. And the Kries and Semler branches of these families.