Sunday, October 31, 2004

Google Search: keywords

Google Search: keywords

Google Search: keywords

For a list of available Keywords, go to AOL Keyword: Keyword List

How do I use a Keyword?
You can use Keywords in any of three different ways:


1. Type an AOL Keyword directly into the white box on the AOL toolbar, then click Go.
(For example, try typing in FOOTBALL, or SHARE PRICES.)


2. Press the Ctrl and K keys at the same time. Then, as above, type a Keyword into the input box and click Go.


3. On AOL 9.0, click on the Keyword button on the Quick Start bar at the left of your screen.

(On AOL 8.0, click the AOL Keyword button at the top of your screen instead.)

AOL Keyword links | About AOL | Help | Members Only

AOL Keywords are short words or phrases which AOL members can use as shortcuts to features and services on AOL and the Internet. Keywords are only available to AOL members who are using the AOL software.
Help for AOL UK Members

Lists of AOL Keywords

AOLGlobalnet and a BIG a list of all International Access numbers

Search Results: "Please be advised for the first 60 days after you become an AOL member, you will not be able to
connect to the AOL service using any AOLGlobalnet or AOLGlobalnet Plus access numbers.Also,
note the AOLGlobalnet and AOLGlobalnetPlus numbers will not work on NT based Operating systems
such as Windows NT/2000 or MAC OS 10 systems. In order to access these numbers it is necessary
to upgrade to AOL 7.0 or above. We apologize for the inconvenience, however please refer to the many
AOLnet numbers we have available for our members. If you require immediate assistance in
connecting while traveling internationally, please call the AOL International Access Support
Team at (1)703-264-1184 or send fax to (1)801-622-7901."

To change your current access numbers visit keyword:Access

More than 32 million members worldwide, with 2.3 million in the UK. | About AOL | Facts & FAQs

AOL is the world's biggest online service and content provider, with more than two million members in the UK. Across the world, more than 33 million families enjoy the benefits of AOL and the Internet - with many thousands more joining them each day. With each AOL account offering seven email addresses, everyone in the family can have their own online identity.

AOL offers a range of interactive online services in the UK, including flat-rate, broadband and mobile, as well as unrivalled content and community for all the family. In the UK AOL members spend on average more than one hour a day online, enjoying access to AOL's 24 channels of online content, from Entertainment and News to Parenting, Shopping and Music, as well as email and the Internet.

All AOL members in the UK have access to freephone customer support.
Navigation on the AOL service is easy, especially with the use of AOL Keywords that take you directly to the specific area or information you are looking for. For example AOL Keyword: Women leads to our women's area featuring fashion, beauty, diet, fitness and much more.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

from my email

I haven't seen any postings on your "Getting to Know AOL" wondered if you are fine and dandy! Always read it!!!!

from West Virginia

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures.

Yes and thank you for asking - I have been doing genealogy in Wales

Sharon's Home Page page created with 1-2-3 Publish

Screen Name Service
AOL Hometown gives you a free home page or online journal where you can:
Instantly publish your thoughts, ideas and more - another kind of blogger
Highlight your business
Easily add pictures

You have a Screen Name if you use:
America Online
Compuserve 2000

and Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals : American Family Immigration History Center which was a surprise to me

Blogspot is full of treacle tonight - so Blog This posts end in the wrong place
tried blogging that from Netscape and evreything appeared to work and the blog arrived but never showed - so TIME TO REPUBLISH

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bloggers on AOL would be wise to use Mozilla Firefox

Blogger Help : Blogger Browser Matrix

AOL users, as well as those unaccounted for here (Netscape, Opera, etc.), would be wise to use Mozilla Firefox in order to have the best possible experience using Blogger
Mozilla Firefox; an up-and-comer, which we all use internally.

GET Firefox - Rediscover the web

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Motive Chorus

Telegraph Connected Faqs! Facts! Fax!: "For the last two days, whenever I start my computer and Windows XP loads I get a message 'Motive Chorus has detected a fatal error'. When I cancel the message it disappears without leaving a problem. Have you any idea what this is and how to get rid of it?
Eric Ballinger

My guess is you've recently installed a Hewlett Packard product or signed up with a new Internet Service Provider. Motive Chorus is a part of a program that gathers and logs information about your PC with the intention of providing more effective customer support.
It all sounds a bit suspicious, and it may have been installed without your knowledge or permission but apparently it's not regarded as intrusive so it doesn't show up on spyware scans. However, you can easily get rid of it by going to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and delete items such as 'Direct Support' and 'HP Instant Support'."

THIS appeared in my system tray as improving AOL Broadband

Google Search: "motive chorus" well??? very suspicious -- what with online banking etc !!!