Monday, July 25, 2005

My Chat Profile

My Chat Profile

Favourite Gadgets Electric can opener

Friday, July 15, 2005

madman - Download

madman - Download
well I pulled the LAN connection
when I unwisely started up whils still connected
the firewall loads later

madman - Main Page
Linux music file manager similar to iTunes with tag editor, media library, dynamic
playlists and a CD burning frontend, extensible through plugin scripts.

I don't know about this

The DtV Broadcasting System

Thursday, July 14, 2005

today is the first day of the rest of your life

Digging up bones.

Digging up bones.
Ronda is my name and Genealogy is my game.


my new home page Error!, your licensenumber or key is wrong

oh dear
10 days to fix this OLO - OnLineOpdatering

it even took 2 days to get to the help line 70 222 229

click on the tiny key icon to get to the home page
Type your licensenumber and key below.

Error!, your licensenumber or key is wrong
even though it was right
Com-X: Bolignet - Hvad er fiberteknologi:

Fiber frem for kobber
ComX Networks udvikler og leverer bredbåndsløsninger, der udelukkende bygger på optisk fiber.
Det betyder, at vores tjenester bliver leveret til kunderne via fiberkabler (lyslederkabler). ComX Networks graver selv egne fiberkabler ned og råder i dag over mange kilometer fiber i jorden i hele Storkøbenhavn.

Fiber frem for kobber

Før fiberteknologien blev udviklet, blev telefoni, Internet og TV kun leveret via kobberkabler (coax kabler). Kobberkabler har begrænset hastighed og kapacitet. Mange udbydere leverer stadig tjenester via kobber (fx udbydere af ADSL), men fiberteknologien afløser allerede i dag den gamle kobberteknologi i større og større grad. Fordi hastigheden og kapaciteten er hurtigere end nogensinde før med fiber. Når man sender data via fiber, sender man nemlig data med lysets hastighed.

ComX Networks tilbyder nutidens mest avancerede fiberteknologi

When these old houses were renovated 10 years ago I thought to myself
why not install glass fibre from the start? - and this year it is a reality with a short copper lengh through the attic, down a drain pipe, and to our own local server.

20mb/s both ways maximum
I pay for 6mb/s which meets my needs
the limit is the internet itself in USA

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Commonly Probed Ports

Genealogy Community is moving on from AOL

Genealogy Community

Quote: What happened to genealogy on AOL ?
AOL is going thru some major changes.

This is our new home for the library and other areas that we've lost on AOL however, the Genealogy chatrooms on AOL are still alive but for how long, we'll never know

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Chat Profile

My Chat Profile

Hey my name is Mary Bob McClain
Born and raise in Tennessee moved to Alabama 1970.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Nokia - Current Exhibitions

Nokia - Connect to Art

in your pocket

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Connecting phone to pc problem... HELP !!! :

Connecting to pc problem... HELP !!! :'( - eXpansys Italia

So I opened my norton firewall, clicked on personal firewall > configure > advanced > trojan horse rules. I scrolled down the list and found the same trojan horse rule that I had a warning about earlier.

So I unchecked the RASmin trojan horse rule and restarted my machine.

Now how do I do that?
the best I could was stopping the internet worm detector attached to Norton ante virus

here we are right click NAV icon

Norton Ante Virus options

How to customize your settings

Trojan Rules

uncheck RASmin trojan horse rule

Google Search: RASmin trojan horse rule

An error has occurred in the Symantec Knowledge Base.

This error will occur if you try to open a document for a discontinued product.

Google Search: RASmin trojan horse symantec

Symantec Worldwide Home Page

Rule Name: Default Block RASmin Trojan horse
Action: Block Internet access
Connections: From other computers
Computers: Any computer
Communications: TCP protocol ports 1045, 531
Tracking: Create an event log entry, Create Security Alert
Type: Admin
Description: Default Block RASmin Trojan horse

How to configure NIS or NPF to allow Internet access to applications that use the same port as a Trojan horse