Friday, November 19, 2004

I am back

I have been offline for 10 days because of a mess up about an ISP in Denmark

I am now using a Sony Ericsson T610 mobile phone as a data modem and Orange GPRS for access at 115.2 kbps - I fear the next mobile phone bill :-(

The Camera reviewed

The T610's 352 by 288 camera resolution (101,376 pixels) is one-third of the typical 640 by 480 (307,200 pixels) VGA resolution found in some other camera phones or PDA add-on CompactFlash or Secure Digital card cameras. However, you can see in photo examples 1 and 2 that photographs taken by a T610 produce reasonably satisfying results.

Flower close-up
Photo 1. Full-size (288 by 352 pixels) close-up photographed using a T610.
Sunset photo
Photo 2. Full-size (352 by 288 pixels) photograph taken near sunset

You can find other photographs taken by the T610 compared to other camera phones and PDA add-on cameras on an on-going comparison article on my personal web site: Comparison of other Pocket PC add-on cameras and camera phones.

from Sony Ericsson T610 Camera Phone Review

by Todd Ogasawara12/11/2003

Monday, November 08, 2004


if you order through the AOL web site you get a free delivery offer
Argos - brighter prices, brilliant value

or on line -- the offer ends 16 November 2004

I was looking at the achives Newsletter archives
of AOL what's new

Preview a sample newsletter
I am not certain about this link because it seems to be AOL UK using channels

Wish more of your chums were online? Introduce a friend to AOL and stay in touch via Instant Messaging or email. You could even earn £30!

Newsletter Center
gets quite a different screen


Saturday, November 06, 2004

Tony Hanway

After completing an AOL customer survey :-

We have received your completed survey. I thank you again for your insights and time. The information you provided will be used to ensure that actions are taken within AOL to continuously improve the quality of our customer care.

Tony Hanway
Vice President, Member Services

so who is this guy?
after a quick Google Search: "Tony Hanway" aol

company_speaker_details: "Tony Hanway"

AOL is the world's largest Internet company, with over 34 million members around the world. AOL UK is the leading online interactive services provider to the UK, with more than two million members. AOL offers a range of online interactive services in the UK, including flat-rate, broadband and mobile, as well as unrivalled content and community for all the family.

Performix Technologies is the leading provider of employee performance management software for contact centres with operations throughout the UK, Ireland and North America. Its software is deployed in over forty companies, including five of the world’s top 10 banks, two of the world’s top three credit card providers and two of the world’s top telecommunications companies.

SPEAKER DETAILS: Rosemary Turley has more than 17 years international experience helping market leaders in healthcare, food and telecoms match their product delivery to customer expectation. This, and her experience in shaping Performix’s strategy, gives her a deep understanding of what makes customers tick, why they buy and the impact contact centre performance has on customer behaviour.

Tony Hanway has worked with AOL since 1996, he previously worked in Gateway in Dublin and Allied Irish Bank in the UK. He started his career with AOL as Customer Services Manager in the Dublin call centre. Tony then helped set up the call centre in Waterford, which opened in September 1998 and has grown from 28 employees currently standing at 870 employees. The role of call centre is to take incoming calls from AOL’s UK Customer base.

from Call Centre Expo 2004 Home was 23 - 30 December NEC

I missed that show this year, but I have attended a couple previously to get some idea of what is going on in UK business world with the continuing change from heavy to service industries.

Irish Examiner - 2002/09/11: Call centre to create 125 full-time jobs: "BRITAIN'S leading interactive services company, AOL UK, which opened its call centre in Waterford four years ago with twenty five employees, is to create an additional 125 full-time jobs in the coming months, bringing its total workforce in Waterford to 650.

The announcement was made yesterday by Waterford-based vice president Tony Hanway, and coincided with a visit by Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise Mary Harney, who performed the official opening of the IDA's new offices located in the Waterford Technical Park on the Cork Road.

The 125 jobs at AOL UK will primarily be in technical support, sales, and customer services areas.

Recruitment begins immediately. When the call centre was opened in September 1998, 25 people were employed, and with that total now set to spiral to 650 within the next 12 months, it has proven to be one of the most spectacular industrial success stories in the south east. "Our Waterford expansion is testimony to the growth of the AOL business, the success of our new broadband product, and our commitment to providing members with the best possible service," Mr Hanway said. "

I used the special AOL broadband help line last night EXCELLENT but for once the girl sounded english -and said she was in Bristol.

Waterford is of course a scandinavian place name from viking times.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Research and Learn - check them out

Click here: Research & Learn: Civil War Chat Schedule

-- Chats Are Hosted by Volunteer Community Leaders
--If You Enter a Room With No HostPlease Use NOTIFY AOL for Problems--
and IGNORE --
Hosted Chat Times & Topics Are Subject to Change --
OnlineHost: Welcome!
Chat about reenacting the Civil War, Civil War history, battles, generals or whatever strikes your fancy.
To find more fun stuff in this little garden spot of AOL, go to AOL Keyword: cwchat.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What is the AOL Transit Data Network (ATDN)?

AOL Transit Data Network: Europe Backbone POPs one of the "secrets" of the net

AOL Transit Data Network: USA Backbone POPs

ATDN is a global Tier-1 IP backbone network with a footprint spanning three continents.
In the US and Europe, ATDN is a OC-192/STM-64 backbone. ATDN provides Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity to: Time Warner (AOL parent company) web properties. AND to
AOL data centers and cache complexes worldwide.

Jerry Longstroms home page

Jerry Longstroms home page
hanging out in the chat room
Click here: Special Interests - Genealogy

I got told about this Swedish Norwegian USA genealogy site by MOM
and we often help each other exchanging ides

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Stuck for Words?

Click here: AOL Learning: Oxford Reference Library

What's in the Oxford Reference Library?

A Dictionary Of Architecture
A Dictionary Of Astronomy
A Dictionary Of Biology
A Dictionary Of British History
A Dictionary of British Place Names
A Dictionary Of Chemistry
A Dictionary Of Computing
A Dictionary Of Economics
A Dictionary Of English Folklore
A Dictionary Of First Names
A Dictionary Of Food And Nutrition
A Dictionary Of Geography
A Dictionary Of Law
A Dictionary Of Physics
A Dictionary Of Shakespeare
A Dictionary Of Sociology
A Dictionary Of Superstitions
A Dictionary Of The Bible
A Dictionary Of The Internet
A Dictionary Of World History
A Dictionary Of World Mythology
An A-Z Of Food And Drink
Concise Medical Dictionary
Concise Oxford Companion To The English Language
The Concise Oxford Companion To Classical Literature

The Concise Oxford Companion To English Literature
The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Literary Terms
The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Mathematics
The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Music
The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Politics
The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Quotations
The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of World Religions
The Concise Oxford Dictionary
The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary
The Concise Oxford-Duden German Dictionary
The Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary
The Kings And Queens Of Britain
The Oxford Dictionary Of Abbreviations
The Oxford Dictionary Of Art
The Oxford Dictionary Of Idioms
The Oxford Dictionary Of Local And Family History
The Oxford Dictionary Of Modern Quotations
The Oxford Dictionary Of Proverbs
The Oxford Paperback Thesaurus
Who's Who In The Classical World
Who's Who In The Twentieth Century
World Encyclopedia

Monday, November 01, 2004

Weekly Fireside Newsletters

Weekly Fireside Newsletters: "WOW!! Being a pack-rat has finally proven itself useful!!!!! When I first visited the American Civil War History Chat Room waaaaaaaay back when, I began printing out the Weekly Fireside newsletters and I've just dug them out. Some of the Firesides I had saved to disks, some were in my online filing cabinet, and some came from the old Genealogy Forum Archives. What fun they've been to peruse over again. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
Please enjoy the weekly newsletters from the American Civil War History Chat in the Genealogy Community on AOL and previously in the Golden Gate Forum also on AOL. There is a lot of repeated information and many of the links no longer work, but there is also a lot of good information in them. They represent hours and hours of work and MUCH sharing and caring by 'the faithful', as we like to call all our room members.
If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter instead of waiting until they get posted, please send an email to and put 'subscribe' in the subject line. You do NOT have to be an AOL member to receive the newsletter. We hope to hear from you!! "

"The Weekly Fireside" Week ending 31 October 2004

from my email:-

Hear Ye .... Hear Ye

"The Weekly Fireside"
of the American Civil War History
Special Interest Group;
Distribution Coast to Coast

Week ending 31 October 2004

NOTE: If you do not wish to
receive the Weekly Fireside, PLEASE send
email to
saying "UNSUBSCRIBE" and they will
remove you from the distribution. On the other hand, if you know
someone who would like to receive the newsletter, please have them
send Jayne or Bill email with subscribe in the subject line.
NOTE from Jayne: We're getting more subscribers all the time, and
I'd like to welcome all the new subscribers we've had recently. I
hope you enjoy our little newsletter.
Please be assured your email addresses are not shared with, nor sold
to, anyone else.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Be sure to check out the websites sent to us this week. If you've
discovered a Civil War Website you find interesting, share it with
In "honor" of Halloween, we had some great GHOST STORIES and several
room members told us about their "unexplainable" experiences.
What a great night it was around the Fireside!!!! There were no
tricks only treats!!

This week will be open chat..... bring your questions with

There will surely be someone there who can answer them for you.

Be sure to check out the article Steve Teeft wrote about The Civil War
Preservation Trust in the "Did you Know" section.

If any of you has a suggestion about what you'd like to see done in
the rooms, please let us know.

We hope you'll join us.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

OUR FOCUS: the "History of the American (United States) Civil
War," with by-products of laughter, and camaraderie!

OUR GOAL: to enhance your Genealogy activity, knowledge, and
"wisdom" by talking about the history surrounding their lives and actions;
specifically the "Civil War" that our ancestors lived through and died
because of it.

Captain Oliver Wendell Holmes of the 20th Massachusetts Infantry
Regiment, said it so well.

"I think it is a noble and pious thing

To do whatever we may by written

Word or molded bronze and sculpted

Stone to keep our memories, our

Reverence and our love alive and

To hand them on to new generations

All too ready to forget."

OUR PROMISE: to provide an "online" environment that is NOT judgmental
and to address ALL aspects of this "Pivotal Period" in our History,
with honesty and truth (as we know it).

Join HOST RL WillM, HOST RL Magnolia and HOST RL Jayne

Thursday 11 PM ET

Join HOST RL Jayne & HOST RL DsRoots... Friday 10 PM ET
in the Ancestral Digs Room (on AOL only)
The "program" will not necessarily be the same both nights. Let us
help you find your soldier. Tell us their stories. We will
still have our Songs, Letters and poems nights the 2nd Thursday of the
month and the Friday following. Watch the schedule below to see what
we're up to.

JOIN HOST RL IrshRose.... Saturday Midnight ET for help tracing
your heritige to the American Civil time period in the Ancestral Digs Room (on
AOL only)

You can visit the Genealogy Schedule by going to Keyword:

Genealogy Chat which includes our Civil War chats and you can also
see them,

and other Civil War chats also, at Keyword: Civil War Chat

On the Civil War chat schedule page, you will see a link
to Civil War Libraries

There are many files that my ol' partner GFS Jim had posted over
the years.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you have read a great Civil War book you think others should read,
I invite all of you (you don't have to be an AOL member to share here
in the Weekly Fireside) to send the title, author and a Review of it

Civil War Book Review

* * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

--------OUR WEEKLY READING--------

(these items are extracts from our
Letters, Songs,

and Poems evenings)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This was passed on to me by our friend Glenda:
I thought this poem might be of interest to you. It was written by a
former Confederate to a former Union soldier and appeared in my
"hometown" newspaper over 100 years ago. Just before this poem was a
schedule for the Confederate Memorial Day service.

From the April 23, 1902 LaFayette Sun (Chambers County, Alabama)

Lines On A Confederate Note.

The following was written on the back of a
$10 Confederate
note, sent by Captain Carlton to
Daniel L. Waymouth, of Boston, Mass:

Representing nothing on God's earth now,
And naught in the waters below it,
As the pledge of a nation that's dead and gone,
Keep it, dear friend, and show it.

Show it to those who will lend an ear,
To the tale that this paper can tell;
Of liberty born of the patriot's dream,
Of the storm cradled nation that fell.

Too poor to possess the precious ones,
And too much of a stranger to borrow,
We issue today, or "promise" to pay
And hope to redeem on the morrow.

Days rolled on, weeks became year,
But our coffers were empty still
Coin was so rare that our treasury quaked
a dollar dropped into the till.

But the faith that was in us was strong, indeed,
And our poverty well we discerned;
And these little checks represented to pay,
That our suffering veterans earned.

We knew it had hardly a value in gold,
Yet as gold we soldiers received it,
It gazed in our eyes with a promise to pay,
And each patriot soldier believed it.

But our boys thought little of price or pay,
Or the bills that were over due;
We knew if it brought our bread today,
'Twas the best our country could do.

Keep it – it tells all our history o'er,
From the birth of the dream to its last,
Modest, and born of the Angel Hope
Like our hope of success – it passed.

* * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Do you have a question that you didn't get to ask in the

Send us and email and we'll post it here to see if some of our readers
can help you. If you get an answer to your queston, please let us

I just want to include a note to all who have asked for help.

Sometimes I am copied on an answer and sometimes I'm not, so IF you
receive an answer to your queston, please let us know. Most
respondents will put the name of the soldier or battle in the Subject
line, so if you receive an answer directly, be sure you don't delete
it, you may miss out on some vital information.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm going to leave this in another week....

From: Ruth825437
Is there anyone who has information about the MA 52nd Infantry (Camp
Miller, Greenfield, MA)? I am looking for any information about
Henry Harrison Wells.

* * * * *

* * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you have something we could use here, PLEASE send it
along. Thanks!!!!

From our friend Steve at The Civil War Preservation Trust

For all you Civil War enthusiast out there, I would like to tell
everyone about an organization that anyone who is interested in Civil
War history and the preservation of our Civil War battlefields, should
take be involved with the Civil War Preservation Trust; and I will
tell you why…

Did you know that: There were more than 10,000 known Civil War
battlefield sites? And out of those sites, only 384 of these sites are
considered as significant turning points in our nation's history?

Did you know that: More than 70 of these sites are already are lost
forever do to development?

Did you know that: Fewer than 15% of these battlefields are protected?

Did you know that: Only 20% of our American Civil War has already been

Did you know that: 30 acres of Civil War battlefields are
destroyed each and everyday!

Did you know that: there is only one national organization working to
save all of these Battlefields – they are the Civil War Preservation
Trust. The CWPT is America's largest non-profit organization devoted
to the preservation of our nation's endangered Civil War
battlefields.The CWPT has helped save & preserve more than 16,000
acres of Civil War battlefields, which covers more than 81 battlefield
sites in 19 states. 18,181 acres of hallowed ground has been saved

By becoming a member of the CWPT, will help in our efforts to save
these endangered sites. By joining, you will join the ranks of the

tens & thousands fellow American in preserving more than just

battlefields, you'll help preserve the places where American citizen

soldiers struggled to create the nation we have today. With your help,

these battlefields will be transformed into dynamic outdoor classrooms

that will help future generations understand what it means to be an


As a member of the CWPT, you will

1 year subscription (4 issues) of the CWPT's full color magazine

"Hallowed Ground", updating you on there preservation efforts &

victories as well as threatened sites. (This publication is not

available anywhere else)

A personal ID membership card

Discounts at participating sites & selected lodging establishments

A low interest credit card is available for those who qualify. A

percentage of the interest goes towards Civil War preservation.

Avis Car rental discounts

All memberships dues & contributions are Tax-deductible

Classroom memberships available

Special teacher programs available with classroom curriculum.

Interactive games 7 programs available on there website, to make

learning history fun and enjoyable. These games include: Bingo, word

search, crossword puzzles, coloring books, etc.

Classroom resources, lessons plans
are all apart of their

teacher programs, also available on CD, provided by the CWPT.

Volunteer opportunities at sponsored events such as: Annual park day,

where members help & assist in 'hands on' cleanup, restoration &

maintenance programs.

The Civil War Preservation Trust also promotes educational programs,

tours and conferences. They are involved heritage tourism program to

inform the public of the Civil War's history and the fundamentals that

sparked the conflict.

By joining today, you can help aide in our preservation efforts. A

basic membership is only $35.00. This package, you will get many

extras gifts just for joining, such as a attractive window decal, and

the items mentioned above.

There are several other levels of membership in various price ranges,

which will increase your gifts as well as benefits, for being a

member, which are too numerous for me to mention.

For more information regarding the Civil War Preservation Trust, the

battlefields they have saved, the latest news on preservation and a

listing of those Civil WAR battlefield that a lost, or destroyed, are

available on their website .

Their teacher & classroom programs, special events, tours and
talks and a large

variety of everything they are involved with is also listed on this

website along with there membership information, so don't delay any

longer, come join our ranks.

Help preserve our Civil War battlefield sites so future generations

will be able to appreciate what our Civil War ancestors; fought, lived

and died for. These sites were paid for with there blood. There legacy

is depended upon us, to preserve these battlefields, to insure that

their memory & deeds will always be remembered and honored, so our

children and there children's children can enjoy and appreciate what

we preserve today.

Please visit there site today and help preserve our past. Join the

Civil War Preservation Trust today. You can find them at:


(Not only is my Sons of Confederate Veterans camp, the Buffalo Guards

are a member, but my teaching group, the Western NY Living History

Association are members as well. We are proud to say, we donate a nice

sum of money for the sake of preservation. I am personally a member,

and I am an advocate to pass the word on….so others like yourselves

will join in our fight….)

Thank you for your time,

Steve Teeft, Camp Commander & Historian

Buffalo Guards Camp 1975, SCV

* * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Weekly Web Sites we've received

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you have a favorite Civil War site, please send them to

* * * * *

The Fighting Men of New Jersey

* * * * *

From: Outback1000

Just read this and thought you may like to see it.

One of my mother's sisters interred St. Joseph's House in

Emmitsburg, MD in the 1920s became a Sister of Charity, [Sister

Vincent Ecklund] died 2 Aug. 1961 at the mother house in Emmitsburg,



Civil War love affair unearthed

* * * * *

From: Trumpshallblow17

Military Cemetery - Tennessee

historic Maury Co. /Lewis Co. Tn go to Maury
County Cemeteries

* * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * *


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If your ancestor has or you have a story to tell, please send it to

HOST RL Jayne, HOST RL WillM, HOST DsRoots and HOSt
RL Magnolia


NOTE: If anyone has some great Civil War Music you'd like to

recommend, please send it to us.

* * * * * *

HOST RL WillM thought you might like to read this.


Feb. 22, 1924 McDonald PA Record

George KIMBERLY, a resident of McDonald for forty years, died at his

in Valley street at 3:20 o'clock Saturday afternoon, February 16, 1924,

80 years and one month.

Mr. KIMBERLY was born January 16, 1844, in Fayette township, Allegheny

county, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward KIMBERLY. At the age of
twelve he

moved with his parents to Pittsburgh, where he attended school during

winter months and did odd jobs during the summer.

On August 22, 1861, when

not yet eighteen, he enlisted in Co. E, 74th New York infantry, under

command of Captain MONEY. In the spring of 1862 the regiment left
New York

for Washington, D. C.

To give Mr. KIMBERLY's army
experience in his own words:

"From Washington, D. C., we marched about forty miles to Fort

Tobacco, Md. From Fort Tobacco, Md., we were sent to Fortress
Monroe, Va.,

and marched to Yorktown, where we were encamped about six weeks when it

became necessary for our forces to evacuate Yorktown, but after a few

skirmishes we forced the rebels to Williamsburg. There we had a

battle with LONGSTREET's corps. During this siege we were
barricaded in on

all sides by fallen trees that were felled by LONGSTREET's forces.

It became necessary for us to beat a retreat under cover of
darkness, and with

the coming of dawn Mr. John MACHLEES and myself searched for the killed

wounded. Previous to this engagement we marched up to the
Manassas where we

joined other reinforcements. There arrangements were made to cross the

Rappahannock river by means of pontoons on account of the rapidly rising

river. A great deal of difficulty was experiences in crossing and

several companies, including my own, were across, the pontoons gave way

the rebel forces under command of Gen. Joseph E. JOHNSTON, who were
lying in

ambush, attacked us in overwhelming numbers, but we held them at bay

the pontoons were rebuilt and our reinforcements came to our aid.

losses in killed and wounded were appalling.

During this fray General JOHNSTON was mortally wounded and Robert E.
LEE was given command of the

rebel forces.

After a day or so of skirmishing we retreated to Shiloh

battlefield, standing our ground until evening when we retreated to a

secure vantage point. Continuous skirmishing back and forth was
kept up for

three or four days until the night of the fifth day we retreated to

hill, about twelve miles from the James river. The fact that we
had gained

a very fine position decided General MCCLELLAN to make a stand; on the

day we routed the enemy, forcing them back.

That night we marched to

HARRISON's landing where we were protected by a number of gunboats of

navy. From there we were detached to Bull Run, as heavy
reinforcements were

needed badly. On our way we were surrounded and fell back in good order

until we met Stonewall JACKSON in our rear. Then came the clash
of armies

with the rebels and Gen. KEARNY's division. General KEARNY was killed

the battle was practically over for that day. We retreated in

directions toward the Potomac river. The next day we were
reunited under

Gen. MCCLELLAN and started another vigorous campaign against the rebel

troops, forcing them across the Potomac, thereby ending their

for that period. We next marched to Burgville Junction and here
we rested

for several days. Gen. BURNSIDE was put in command and under him
we marched

to Fredericksburg, where we had a three days' battle. During this
battle we

crossed the Potomac, where we did some fierce fighting. We had to

the Potomac and Gen. BURNSIDE was relieved from duty and Gen. HOOKER

was put in command.

We then marched to Chancellorsville, engaged in a few

skirmishes and returned to Fredericksburg, where we remained in camp

spring. After loitering around Fredericksburg until June 2d, we
started for

Gettysburg, arriving there at six o'clock in the morning of July 2d and

about three o'clock of that day we entered into the historical "Battle

Gettysburg". Of my company there were 28 men who entered into the

After the battle was over, six of them were killed, seven wounded and

died later.

I was one of the wounded. I was sent to a hospital in

Baltimore, where I remained until the 28th of September when I was

to Pittsburgh. After remaining in Pittsburgh a few weeks I was
called to

Washington and joined the Relief Squadron and did guard duty until

22, 1864, when I received my honorable discharge and boarded a train for

Pittsburgh, Pa.

On March 3, 1865, I married Miss Anna CAVANAUGH of

Pittsburgh. Two days later I enlisted in Co. K, 61st infantry of

Pennsylvania, where I served until the surrender at Appomattox, which

virtually ended all hostilities."

He was active in the G. A. R. and had served as an officer in the local

post. Mr. KIMBERLY was a butcher by trade and had worked in the

shops n McDonald.

Mr. KIMBERLY is survived by is wife and two sisters: Mrs. Mary

and Mrs. Robert CLARK of Pittsburgh.

Funeral services were held from the late home at 10:00 o'clock Tuesday

morning with requiem high mass.. Remainder missing

* * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I'm going to put a note here to all of you have so graciously offered

to help folks out. If you no longer want to be on this list

let me know and I will take your name off the list. I've had email

telling me they've sent email to someone on the list for help, and the

email was deleted before it was ever even read.

If you have a resource from which you would be willing to do look-ups

for folks, please let us know and we'll add it here

HOST RL Magnolia can be contacted if you have PA soldiers. has offered to do free Civil War research from

veterans from Wisconsin. He is the author of "Civil War Veterans

Winnebago County, Wisconsin" has offered to do lookups for folks with ancestors

from the Confederacy, focusing mainly on North Carolina, but has other

sources also. has told us if anyone wants info the the 85th NY Inf.

Regt. (Plymouth Pilgrims) you may email her. She has a book about

them. Her one request is that you put 85th Regt. in the

line so she doesn't delete it by mistake has access to Pension Records for Civil War

Soldiers in Louisiana. If you need help, send JL an email. said she has a book on the men of the 9th OHIO if

anyone needs information. has a book on the 85th NY Infantry which spent most

of their time in Andersonville. Has a book with the Rosters of the 1st through

the 20th Ohio Soldiers. has Delaware Civil War Union Rosters from two

different sources and a book "They Died at Fort Delaware"

If anyone is doing Illinois Civil War research, you may email Tell him HOST RL Jayne sent you.
He will give it priority and see what he can find for you.

If YOU have a Civil War Ancestor, Kevin/ [ Please note
new address for Kevin ] does Volunteer research at Andersonville Civil
War Prison in Andersonville, GA. Any research he does is absolutely
at NO cost and he is willing to do all he can. There are more than
32,000 prisoners on record from the Union, and quite a few who were
held prisoner there as Union regiments from Confederate states. There
are also nearly 13000 marked graves of those who died there.
Kevin's focus is dedicated to ALL of those held prisoner during the war, on
both sides, as well as all Americans who gave their freedoms for those

that we enjoy today.. He just happens to be near Andersonville, so

that is where he does his work.

Visit Kevin's site at: ttp://

If YOU have a question regarding Confederate researching, visit Steve

Teeft's website at
Tell him you saw

his address in the Weekly Fireside.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Civil War Calendar!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

If your group is sponsoring any events or you know of a great event,

please send it to and we will be glad to

include it here in our calendar.

You might want to check out this site if you're looking for an event

in your area:

November 6 VA Living history, "A Day in 1861," military and

life in the early days of the Confederacy at Lee Hall in Newport News

at 10 am-4 pm. Free with admission. 757-888-3371 or

November 6 - 7 NC Reenactment and living history
weekend at Fort

Branch near Hamilton. Details: 800-776-8566 or

November 20 PA Remembrance Day Parade and
Ceremonies in

Gettysburg. 1 pm. Free. More info, 717-334-1124 extension 422 or

November 20 PA Luminaria at the Soldiers' National
Cemetery in

Gettysburg, candles placed on soldier graves. Sponsored by the Friends

of the National Parks at Gettysburg. 717-334-0772 or


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Schedule of Upcoming Topics/Events

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Every Thursday Night at 11pm ET in the Ancestral Digs Room

Every Friday Night at 10 PM ET in the Ancestral Digs Room

with hosts HOST RL Jayne, HOST RL Magnolia, HOST RL WillM and their

many faithful friends :)

Nov 04 & 05 - OPEN CHAT

Nov 11 & 12 - Our Special Songs, letters and Poems night.

Nov 18 & 19 - OPEN CHAT

Nov 25 & 26 - (to be announced)

We'll See You Thursday and/or Friday Night.

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Jayne, Kristin, DsRoots & Will

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