Tuesday, June 28, 2005

AOL Chrome Mail to existing UK members

from my email:-

Dear AOL member,

We are writing to tell you about some important changes to the AOL service in the UK.

To ensure we can continue to provide the highest quality member services, on 1 August 2005 we are moving from our existing 0800 customer and technical support numbers to a new charged-for number: 0870 3 20 20 20. A table of call charges is provided below.

This change will enable us to invest in further significant enhancements to our customer services, and ensure we continue to provide market-leading support for the wide range of features and content AOL delivers to our members now, and in the future.

However, subscribers to AOL's new telephone service, AOL Talk, including those who sign up before 31 October 2005, will continue to get customer and technical support services at no extra charge on the phone line on which AOL Talk is activated, because AOL is the phone service provider.

The new customer and technical support number still represents one of the best value customer service options on the market, as many other Internet providers charge premium rates for support. The table below shows a summary of call charges for AOL support from 1 August 2005.

Telephone number Mon-Fri 6am to 6pm Mon-Fri before 6am and after 6pm Weekend - all day Sat & Sun 0870 3 20 20 20 7.51p 3.75p 1.5p

Prices are in pence per minute, including VAT, for BT lines. A minimum call charge of 5p applies to all calls from BT lines; charges and times via other providers may vary. Calls made from mobiles usually cost more than landlines and will vary by provider.
To make it even simpler to get support from AOL, on 1 August we will also launch Discover AOL (AOL Keyword: Discover AOL). This will provide a single area on the AOL service to get in-depth help and advice on a wide range of subjects, allowing you to resolve issues without needing to contact us and disrupt your time online. (AOL members on the Light Usage Plan should note that use of this area will be charged at the standard rate applicable to those price plans. This replaces the current free Help area for Light Usage Plan members. See AOL Keyword: Pricing for details of charges).
In addition, we continue to offer online Live Help (AOL Keyword: Live Help), where AOL customer service representatives are available at no additional charge to answer your questions every day from 8am to midnight, via a one-to-one tech chat.

We remain committed to delivering high-quality customer services and believe this change will ensure that you continue to make the most of being online with AOL.

Yours faithfully,

Heather Roche
Director of Operations, AOL Member Services

Any comments or questions about this change can be sent to UKSupportMe@aol.com, or you can call the current support number 0800 376 5432 until 31 July 2005. Alternatively, you can visit AOL Keyword: Contact AOL for more information on getting in touch.

The new number represents a change to the AOL Conditions of Service (COS) and AOL Member Agreement, and if you are an AOL Broadband customer, the AOL Broadband Terms and Conditions. All other rights and responsibilities as an AOL Member remain the same. For more information, please go to AOL Keyword: COS.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Networking - Macs and PCs network connectivity

router comxnet denmark macintosh

A fatal combination http://www.comx.dk/
3 hours on the phone too
my mobile battery ran flat even.

Started off being asked fro the MAC: number for a switch
they don't have one. . .

so we tried to link the old iMAC OS 9.2 directly

so went and got a d-link router like this

going to telephone them next.

Naverland 2,
Tel: 45-43-969040
Fax: 45-43-424347

General: info@dlink.dkURL: http://www.dlink.dk/

Bolignet in Brumleby

dhcp IS enabled, the system generates a dynamic IP address.

on windows XP

D-LINK - Router

1) Shut your computer down
2) Plug your Ethernet cable from your modem into the "Wan" port on the D-Link
3) Using a "Straight Through" Ethernet cable plug that into your computer's Ethernet card and into the any one of the "LAN" Ethernet ports on the D-Link
4) Make sure your modem and D-Link are plugged in and powered on
5) Boot up your computer
6) Make sure that your Ethernet card is using DHCP
7) Launch your web browser
8) In the navigation bar type: "" then hit "Enter" on your keyboard
9) Type "admin" for the username and leave the password field blank - Click "OK"
10) Click "Start the Setup Wizard" BUT THEN IT HANGS
11) Enter your Time Zone -- Click "Next"
12) Click "Next" - "Device LAN IP Settings"
13) Check off "Your ISP Dynamically assigns you the WAN IP Address" -- Click "Next"
14) Check off "Your ISP requires you to input the username / password (PPPoE Settings)
15) Enter your userid as provided by your ISP

Note: you may need to include your ISP's domain as part of your userid. Example: For Verizon customers it would be userid@verizon.net.

16) Enter your password as provided by your ISP, enter it a second time to confirm
17) Set Idle Time to "No Idle Timeout" -- Click "Next"
18) Click "Next"
19) Surf Away!

Carrick Solutions Limited - D-Link Router

Device Information

Monday, June 20, 2005

Google Search: dsl speed test

Google Search: dsl speed test

CNET.com - Internet Services - BandWidthMeter Results Page: "249.8 Kbps - You 249.8 kbps"

ADSLguide: Broadband Speed Test Results: "Broadband Speed Test Results
Results from broadband speed test recorded on Monday, 20 June 2005, 20:29.
Your Connection
DirectionActual SpeedTrue Speed (estimated)
Downstream3598 Kbps (449.8 KB/sec)3885 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream2135 Kbps (266.9 KB/sec)2305 Kbps (inc. overheads)"

: "File Size:150.005 KB
Time Elapsed:2.323 seconds

516.56 Kbps
(64.57 KBps) "

File Size: 150.005 KB
Time Elapsed: 3.325 seconds

360.88 Kbps
(45.11 KBps)
File Size: 150.005 KB
Time Elapsed: 3.725 seconds

322.16 Kbps
(40.27 KBps)
MacAfee speedometer


Saturday, June 11, 2005



Den seneste softwareversion til Motorola A920/A925 hedder 80.20.
(mine is 80.15 )

På Motorola A920/925 kan du se, hvilken softwareversion mobilen har sådan her:

1) Gå til Kontrolpanel

2) Vælg Mobiltelefon-oplysninger

but now the machine keeps on trucking
I think there has been congestion on the local net

I have been on line for 9 hours,
or are all the teens still in bed ?

Spent a couple of hours on the phone to the help line.
the last metioned a software update ?? to the antenna driver

All About Symbian Forums - Motorola A920, A925, A1000, Benq P30 and P31 and Arima U300

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Lolland-Falster's sl�gtsdatabase

Jayne writes the Civil War Weekly Fireside

Civil War Weekly Fireside and a lot of useful links
now on line here as well as by email for subscribers.

Jayne wrote:-
I'm going to leave this in for another week to be sure that, at least most of you see it.
I have an important announcement for you all.
It is with sadness that the Hosts in the Genealogy Community, which includes our American Civil War History chats, tell you that AOL is discontinuing their Community Leaders volunteer program.

This does NOT mean that our hosted chats are ending. Most of our hosts have responded to the requests of our members with the decision to continue hosting our chats. The schedule may change a bit but our rooms and message boards will still be available to you.

The Genealogy Community has gone through this upheaval before and we've learned how to deal with it.
You'll see your favorite hosts with slightly different names, but you'll know who we are.
If you wish to let AOL know how you feel about this, please send comments to screen name AOL INFO MGR.

Since our HOST names will no longer "be" after June 8th, you will see us in the chats with different names. We will be continuing with the rooms. You can see the most up to date chat schedule at http://journals.aol.com/gchjenna/AOLGenealogyCommunityNews/]

HOST RL Sandy - GCH Sandy J
HOST RL Jayne - GCH Jayne CW

Error 734 is back this evening on 3g Maybe

Registering your computer on the network
error 734 The PPP link protocol was terminated.

75 mouse cliocks later I gave up
looks like their NetConnect has too many users

well a pause and then I gor connected.
next to update Netscape 8 beta 0.9.6y based on Firefox 1.0

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20050308

all is forgiven


went to the 3G shop,in Strøget got a new sim card and have been on line for a couple of hours - even with a weak signal at 20% or one bar

Hutchison Whampoa who started Orange

So I dropped in on my AOL genealogy chat friends.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

bye bye 3.dk - hullo comx


new in my block in Brumleby

Com-X: Bolignet - profil: "ComX Networks A/S er en ung, nyskabende og højteknologisk virksomhed i vækst. ComX Networks leverer fleksible bredbåndslåsninger via egne fiberkabler til danske bolig- og grundejerforeninger. ComX Networks har eksisteret siden 2002 og har i dag mere end tohundrede ansatte. Vores hovedsæde ligger i dag i Glostrup. "