Wednesday, March 02, 2005

If "" appears in the "To:" field of the email

from my email:-

Dear Member,

Thank you for your recent email.

While AOL can easily take action against AOL members who violate our
Conditions of Service by sending unsolicited junk email, it is much more difficult
to take action against email sent from other servers, which do not fall under
the remit of our Conditions of Service.

The "headers" on Internet email you receive can be manipulated to make it
appear as though the email in question originated from within AOL, a legitimate
Internet site, or even from your own screen name.

If "" appears after your screen name in the "To:" field of the email
you received, it was sent from the Internet, possibly with manipulated
header information.

As many junk email senders make use of innocent Internet sites with
misconfigured email software, it is sometimes difficult or impossible to determine
the actual site from which the junk email originated.

The actual site (or the site abused by the sender) is contained in the
"Received:" headers located at the very bottom of the Internet headers of the
email you received. These lines read like postmarks, and should be read in
reverse order with the most recent recipient (AOL) at the top, and the original
sender at the bottom.

If you are using AOL's version 7.0, email from the Internet is identified by a message stating "Sent from the Internet". Clicking on the "Details"
hyperlink will display the full Internet headers for this message.

You may find the following information of use in the future.

Report unwanted email
If you receive an harassing or unwanted email from another AOL member, you
can report it to the Conditions of Service department by forwarding it to us.
To do this, open the original mail you received, click on the "forward" icon,
and send it to the screen name CosUK, or to COSFiles if it contains an
embedded image or attached file.

Unsolicited and unwanted email originating from the Internet should be
forwarded to the screen name COSMail1 or COSMail2.

Block unwanted mail
AOL's Mail Controls at Keyword: Mail Controls allow you to control your
online experience by allowing you to choose who you do or do not wish to receive
mail from. You can use Mail Controls to either prevent specific members from
sending you email, or to allow only those people you specify to send you

Use Parental & Mail Controls
If you have children or young adults using their own screen name, use AOL's
Parental Controls in association with AOL's Mail Controls to help ensure they
have a safe and enjoyable online experience. For more information, visit
Keyword: Parental Controls and Keyword: Mail Controls.

We hope that this information is of use to you. Should you have any further
questions, please write to the screen name COSMonitor, as this screen name
cannot accept replies.


Conditions of Service Department


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