Sunday, October 31, 2004

More than 32 million members worldwide, with 2.3 million in the UK. | About AOL | Facts & FAQs

AOL is the world's biggest online service and content provider, with more than two million members in the UK. Across the world, more than 33 million families enjoy the benefits of AOL and the Internet - with many thousands more joining them each day. With each AOL account offering seven email addresses, everyone in the family can have their own online identity.

AOL offers a range of interactive online services in the UK, including flat-rate, broadband and mobile, as well as unrivalled content and community for all the family. In the UK AOL members spend on average more than one hour a day online, enjoying access to AOL's 24 channels of online content, from Entertainment and News to Parenting, Shopping and Music, as well as email and the Internet.

All AOL members in the UK have access to freephone customer support.
Navigation on the AOL service is easy, especially with the use of AOL Keywords that take you directly to the specific area or information you are looking for. For example AOL Keyword: Women leads to our women's area featuring fashion, beauty, diet, fitness and much more.


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