Sunday, October 31, 2004

AOLGlobalnet and a BIG a list of all International Access numbers

Search Results: "Please be advised for the first 60 days after you become an AOL member, you will not be able to
connect to the AOL service using any AOLGlobalnet or AOLGlobalnet Plus access numbers.Also,
note the AOLGlobalnet and AOLGlobalnetPlus numbers will not work on NT based Operating systems
such as Windows NT/2000 or MAC OS 10 systems. In order to access these numbers it is necessary
to upgrade to AOL 7.0 or above. We apologize for the inconvenience, however please refer to the many
AOLnet numbers we have available for our members. If you require immediate assistance in
connecting while traveling internationally, please call the AOL International Access Support
Team at (1)703-264-1184 or send fax to (1)801-622-7901."

To change your current access numbers visit keyword:Access


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