Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Motive Chorus

Telegraph Connected Faqs! Facts! Fax!: "For the last two days, whenever I start my computer and Windows XP loads I get a message 'Motive Chorus has detected a fatal error'. When I cancel the message it disappears without leaving a problem. Have you any idea what this is and how to get rid of it?
Eric Ballinger

My guess is you've recently installed a Hewlett Packard product or signed up with a new Internet Service Provider. Motive Chorus is a part of a program that gathers and logs information about your PC with the intention of providing more effective customer support.
It all sounds a bit suspicious, and it may have been installed without your knowledge or permission but apparently it's not regarded as intrusive so it doesn't show up on spyware scans. However, you can easily get rid of it by going to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and delete items such as 'Direct Support' and 'HP Instant Support'."

THIS appeared in my system tray as improving AOL Broadband

Google Search: "motive chorus" well??? very suspicious -- what with online banking etc !!!


Blogger Hugh Watkins said...

got rid off it by disabling wireless connection
in control panels

Hugh W

12:00 AM  

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