Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Jayne writes the Civil War Weekly Fireside

Civil War Weekly Fireside and a lot of useful links
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Jayne wrote:-
I'm going to leave this in for another week to be sure that, at least most of you see it.
I have an important announcement for you all.
It is with sadness that the Hosts in the Genealogy Community, which includes our American Civil War History chats, tell you that AOL is discontinuing their Community Leaders volunteer program.

This does NOT mean that our hosted chats are ending. Most of our hosts have responded to the requests of our members with the decision to continue hosting our chats. The schedule may change a bit but our rooms and message boards will still be available to you.

The Genealogy Community has gone through this upheaval before and we've learned how to deal with it.
You'll see your favorite hosts with slightly different names, but you'll know who we are.
If you wish to let AOL know how you feel about this, please send comments to screen name AOL INFO MGR.

Since our HOST names will no longer "be" after June 8th, you will see us in the chats with different names. We will be continuing with the rooms. You can see the most up to date chat schedule at http://journals.aol.com/gchjenna/AOLGenealogyCommunityNews/]

HOST RL Sandy - GCH Sandy J
HOST RL Jayne - GCH Jayne CW


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