Wednesday, June 22, 2005

router comxnet denmark macintosh

A fatal combination
3 hours on the phone too
my mobile battery ran flat even.

Started off being asked fro the MAC: number for a switch
they don't have one. . .

so we tried to link the old iMAC OS 9.2 directly

so went and got a d-link router like this

going to telephone them next.

Naverland 2,
Tel: 45-43-969040
Fax: 45-43-424347

General: info@dlink.dkURL:

Bolignet in Brumleby

dhcp IS enabled, the system generates a dynamic IP address.

on windows XP

D-LINK - Router

1) Shut your computer down
2) Plug your Ethernet cable from your modem into the "Wan" port on the D-Link
3) Using a "Straight Through" Ethernet cable plug that into your computer's Ethernet card and into the any one of the "LAN" Ethernet ports on the D-Link
4) Make sure your modem and D-Link are plugged in and powered on
5) Boot up your computer
6) Make sure that your Ethernet card is using DHCP
7) Launch your web browser
8) In the navigation bar type: "" then hit "Enter" on your keyboard
9) Type "admin" for the username and leave the password field blank - Click "OK"
10) Click "Start the Setup Wizard" BUT THEN IT HANGS
11) Enter your Time Zone -- Click "Next"
12) Click "Next" - "Device LAN IP Settings"
13) Check off "Your ISP Dynamically assigns you the WAN IP Address" -- Click "Next"
14) Check off "Your ISP requires you to input the username / password (PPPoE Settings)
15) Enter your userid as provided by your ISP

Note: you may need to include your ISP's domain as part of your userid. Example: For Verizon customers it would be

16) Enter your password as provided by your ISP, enter it a second time to confirm
17) Set Idle Time to "No Idle Timeout" -- Click "Next"
18) Click "Next"
19) Surf Away!

Carrick Solutions Limited - D-Link Router

Device Information


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