Monday, November 01, 2004

Weekly Fireside Newsletters

Weekly Fireside Newsletters: "WOW!! Being a pack-rat has finally proven itself useful!!!!! When I first visited the American Civil War History Chat Room waaaaaaaay back when, I began printing out the Weekly Fireside newsletters and I've just dug them out. Some of the Firesides I had saved to disks, some were in my online filing cabinet, and some came from the old Genealogy Forum Archives. What fun they've been to peruse over again. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
Please enjoy the weekly newsletters from the American Civil War History Chat in the Genealogy Community on AOL and previously in the Golden Gate Forum also on AOL. There is a lot of repeated information and many of the links no longer work, but there is also a lot of good information in them. They represent hours and hours of work and MUCH sharing and caring by 'the faithful', as we like to call all our room members.
If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter instead of waiting until they get posted, please send an email to and put 'subscribe' in the subject line. You do NOT have to be an AOL member to receive the newsletter. We hope to hear from you!! "


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