Saturday, July 02, 2005

Connecting phone to pc problem... HELP !!! :

Connecting to pc problem... HELP !!! :'( - eXpansys Italia

So I opened my norton firewall, clicked on personal firewall > configure > advanced > trojan horse rules. I scrolled down the list and found the same trojan horse rule that I had a warning about earlier.

So I unchecked the RASmin trojan horse rule and restarted my machine.

Now how do I do that?
the best I could was stopping the internet worm detector attached to Norton ante virus

here we are right click NAV icon

Norton Ante Virus options

How to customize your settings

Trojan Rules

uncheck RASmin trojan horse rule

Google Search: RASmin trojan horse rule

An error has occurred in the Symantec Knowledge Base.

This error will occur if you try to open a document for a discontinued product.

Google Search: RASmin trojan horse symantec

Symantec Worldwide Home Page

Rule Name: Default Block RASmin Trojan horse
Action: Block Internet access
Connections: From other computers
Computers: Any computer
Communications: TCP protocol ports 1045, 531
Tracking: Create an event log entry, Create Security Alert
Type: Admin
Description: Default Block RASmin Trojan horse

How to configure NIS or NPF to allow Internet access to applications that use the same port as a Trojan horse


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