Friday, September 17, 2004

AOL Help : What is a dialer?

AOL Help : What is a dialer?: "A dialer is a software program that connects your computer to a network or the Internet through your modem."

darn thing timed out and redialled 3 or 4 times before I could post thee last blog - 0315 am GMT
did someone take a modem bank down for servicing?I alays listen to the modem tones and you can hear if it is a quick and good connection - a long hand shake is bad news

Sometimes a particular modem is bad
so back in 1996 it paid to log off and on again to get a different modem at the ISP

I doubt if America on Line owns these modem banks - because it is normal to rent sufficient from the local telephone companies.

Google Search: America onLine owns modem bank

AOL Help : Main are brilliant

Note: The AOL Dialer for Linux is not endorsed, supported or certified by America Online, Inc.

AOL Dialer Details: "Introducing the Beta version of AOL Dialer for Linux. Now you can have direct access to the Internet for desktop Linux users via AOL's ISP service. The AOL Dialer for Linux software enables desktop Linux users to easily configure their computers to use AOL over dial-up connections, "

January 21, 2000 note old news
Who's No. 2?
By Patricia Fusco
There is no doubt that America Online Inc. is the largest Internet community in the U.S., providing content through outsourcing services to some 20 million subscribers.

Unfortunately, determining who's No. 2 and No. 3 isn't nearly as easy. So how exactly does the Internet industry measure up?

According to NUA Ltd. of Ireland, the art of estimating how many Internet users are online throughout the world is an inexact science at best. Surveys abound, using all sorts of measurement parameters. After years of studying Internet usage reports, NUA arrives at an "educated guess" as to how many people are online worldwide.


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