Friday, September 17, 2004

America Online

AOL 9.0 AOL Anytime

this was an accidental post
I want to add the keywords America on Line to see if the
Ads by Goooooogle can pick up a more relevant link

What does 'Ads by Google' mean?
It means that Google uses search-based technologies to match advertisements to the content and context of web pages - so the ads you see are related to the information you are viewing. The ads come from Google's base of AdWords advertisers. These advertisers range from global brand name companies to small local businesses.

Google AdWords - Advertise with Google and drive traffic to your site
Google AdSense - Place Google ads on your site and earn more money

I think the reason google dropped the previous compulsory system for the blogs,
is the question of copyright and fair use which now rests squarely on my shoulders now.
I am not making any money so don't sue me - BUT if I am an unfair user of your writings email me and I will correct or delete the post.

At least any post here will have a link to your site and increase your google ratings

In my own work I believe in copyleft

Google Search: copyleft

but You Own Your Own Words (YOYOW)
On Politken on Line we imitated The Well
and always signed our own names.

But on AOL handles are the tradition.

Hugh W36

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[now I hope google ads can find this blog]

about 2,500,000 google hits for America Online

and about 26,500,000 for aol


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