Friday, September 10, 2004

The World Time Server - correct, current, local Eastern Standard Time - AOL time - EST

The World Time Server - correct, current, local
one of my favourites I check before for heading for the chat rooms on the US site
1100pm EST or 5am Danish time

OnlineHost: *** You are in "Ancestral Digs ". ***
[this is a bot]
OnlineHost: Use Notify AOL to report offensive chat. Discuss your family tree, ancestry and other genealogy topics here. Go to AOL Keyword: Genealogy Community for more chats and message boards.

HOST RL Jayne: Hey Hugh W36!!!! Thanks for joining us tonight in American Civil War History SIG.


Bits of Blue and Gray this is Jayne's wonderful website- greatly loved by US kids for homework or history project help.

The Weekly Fireside Newsletters from the American Civil War History chat on AOL now in the Genealogy Community (AOL Keyword: Genealogy Chat), previously in the Golden Gate Forum project is coming right along... Keep checking back for newly added ones, there is a button at the bottom on the left side of the page for your convenience. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter to receive it weekly, please send an email to and put "subscribe" in the subject line. You do NOT have to be on AOL to receive the newsletter.

Website owned by Jayne McCormick

American Civil War History Chats - AOL Only
Thursdays 11 PM ET till 1 AM ET Friday with HOST RL Jayne,HOST RL WillM and HOST RL Magnolia
Friday 10 PM ET till Midnight with HOST RL Jayne & HOST RL DsRoots
* * * * * *
Tracing your heritage to the American Civil War time period - AOL Only
Saturday midnight ET till 1 AM ET with HOST RL IrshRose

Ancestral Digs room for all three chats
KEYWORD: Genealogy Community or Genealogy Chat
UK KEYWORD genealogy links to another room
Special Interests - Genealogy is unmoderated, USA based, and more raw


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