Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Couldn't sleep so chatted

03 15 am UK ST

OnlineHost: *** You are in "Root Cellar". ***
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HOST RL Felica: maybe more people will come in
HOST RL Felica: Hello Hugh
Hugh W36: hi guys
HOST RL Felica: welcome to General chat
Dehaveniniowa: hi hugh
Hugh W36: I'm night walking
Hugh W36: woke up gasping for breath
HOST RL Felica: oh no Hugh are you ok?
Hugh W36: the pipe on my CPAP machine had sprung a leak LOL
Dehaveniniowa: what is cpap
Hugh W36: so out and put a patch on it
Hugh W36: I tell my children it is my snoring machine
Hugh W36: it stops me snoring
HOST RL Felica: looks like it stops you from dying
Dehaveniniowa: my brother in law has something like that my sister says its louder than his snoring
Hugh W36: so I get more oxygen n my blood at night and sleep much better
Hugh W36: it slows dyng down
Hugh W36: nothing can stop out fate
Hugh W36: the endless cycle of renewel
Hugh W36: our fate
HOST RL Felica: true Hugh, but at least you don't have to die before you are ready
Hugh W36: few are "ready"
HOST RL Felica: yes but for those who are it is a peaceful time
Hugh W36: CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) by google
Hugh W36: Stop Snoring Yourself To Death
Hugh W36: Get Relief From Sleep Apnea
Dehaveniniowa: thats what my brother in law has sleep apnea
Hugh W36: you just have to pretend you are a spaceman or sleeping on board a ship
HOST RL Felica: oh my that sounds like fun for the first night
HOST RL Felica: but it would get old quick
Hugh W36: well like meditation
Hugh W36: you can master your mind by letting go
HOST RL Felica: master my mind? right and next you will tell me I can live with the noise this thing makes
Hugh W36: you dont heart it because you are asleep
Hugh W36: hear
Hugh W36: used it for 7 or 8 years
Hugh W36: one machine worn out
HOST RL Felica: and how am I going to get to sleep...I have to have the room quiet before I will fall asleep
Hugh W36: bearings got really noisy
Hugh W36: so now got two - one in England and one in Denmark
OnlineHost: Dehaveniniowa has left the room.
Hugh W36: so on the plane for the first time with one less thing to LUG
Hugh W36: well that did for him ooops
HOST RL Felica: unless they can make the machine sound like an 12 lane express way... trucks passing by in the distances I can stand
Hugh W36: LOL
Hugh W36: I can hear that i my kitchen
Hugh W36: sounds like the distant sea on a rocky shore
Hugh W36: well see ya
HOST RL Felica: night Hugh
HOST RL Felica: thanks for dropping by
Hugh W36: going to take a tour of chats
Hugh W36: thank you
HOST RL Felica: ok
OnlineHost: *** You are in "Adventure Chat". **

new to me found by following the host from my buddy list


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