Monday, September 06, 2004

I Love AOL

The mother of all BBS

just ordered PLATINUM

AOL Broadband Platinum costs just £29.99** per month for unlimited time online, with no Internet call charges and a free helpline.

Upgrading is easy - you can use your existing AOL Broadband modem and there is no need for any new equipment.

Fastest, highest quality
Running at up to 20 times faster than standard dial-up, AOL Broadband Platinum allows you to really take advantage of the more sophisticated applications that are being developed for the Internet. It gives you much faster downloads, so it's particularly useful if you download lots of photos, MP3s and films. Three-minute music videos can take as little as 30 seconds to download. It also gives smoother video, higher-quality sound and improved performance on home networking, plus movies-on-demand and more responsive online gaming.

By choosing AOL Platinum you not only get the speed of 1 Mbps, but also superior connectivity and performance. Its speed also means that our more advanced services, such as Video Instant Messenger™***, as well as inclusive football and music streaming, perform significantly better.

Inclusive extras
AOL Broadband Platinum includes a range of other services as part of the package, including email and Video Instant Messenger™, home networking support, McAfee® firewall protection and advanced spam filters, all at no extra cost.

keyword PLATINUM

Hugh W


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