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Sharon's Home Page: "Genealogy is my first interest. When I got my computer 3 years ago, I decided to start researching my family history. So, ever since I have worked hard with the help of lots of online friends and relatives. I have managed to track down many different lines in my family. Next comes photography, working with photos on my computer. I love to restore old photos. I do like to surf the web, but love the history websites the best. I also like to send E-cards. "

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GERMANNA COLONIES Family History (Madison Co., VA; Emigration Dates, 1714 & 1717)

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click on the photos to see larger images At Germanna: "First German Settlement in Virginia
In 1709, hundreds of Palatine refugees from the Rhineland had been driven from their homes by famine and religious persecution. Therefore, they sought refuge in England. Under the Swiss Baron Christopher de Graffenreid, some of these people were settled on the Neuse and Pamlico Rivers in North Carolina."

Germanna, First Colony of 1714

The 1714 Colonists did not leave their homes in Germany not knowing their destination, nor were they compelled to do so. They were engaged to perform a specific job in Virginia for Lt. Governor Alexander Spotswood, knew where they were going, and what they were to do. They came from one of the thriftiest and most intelligent provinces of Germany. They were master mechanics, and were an intelligent, progressive set of people.

Google Search: Germanna Colonist

Germanna history

Believing he could pursue the dual objectives of colonization and silver, Graffenried agreed to lead the several hundred Germans and a smaller contingent of Swiss to North Carolina.

The silver mining was pursued by hiring Johann Justus Albrecht to purchase tools and to recruit German miners.

To find the miners, Albrecht went to Siegen where there were iron mines. Graffenried thought that the North Carolina colony could be set up rather quickly and then he could devote his attention to the silver mines in Virginia.

Graffenried's company had obtained the english Queen's approval for land in Virginia for a Swiss colony. There was no intention now to use Swiss citizens since the German miners were to live there.

Essentially, the common characteristic was that they lived on the east side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The name Germanna Colonist is used because it was appropriate for the first of the Germans.


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Hey this is good, was surprised to see my name on there. And information about the Germanna stuff. I started my genealogy research, with the Germanna information, as my 6th great grandfather came from there. Anybody with any German connections should check into the Germanna sites.

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