Saturday, September 18, 2004

Google Search: POTS copper connection telephone

Google Search: POTS copper connection telephone

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BT scandal

I am logging on to AOL by 56k modem these days
because my Platinum Broadband is delayed for a week

The POTs copper and the modem banks supplied and maintained by BT are in very very poor condition

started today at 11 000 bps - and after logging on and off a couple of times finally got connected at 21600 bps - yesterday it was 19 100 bps mostly

At that speed gmail is almost unusable,
and fallouts of the connection occur all too often.
and even google shows as a 404 now and then.

When I wa stelephoning 0800 help lines in Waterford
(AOL Broadband 0800 376 4406)
and Bangalore (AOL sevices 0800 376 542)
got the usual reinstall nonsense - I know my set up is OK
bcause I was on AOL by tcp ip last week from Denmark by "bring your own access"
more Google Search: "bring your own access"

And on 151 BT engineers tested my line to the exchange 0121 770 and said it was fine
chatting with the last even the BT staff only get on at 33 000 bps at home
- but they seldom use internet - being in front of a computer all day at work takes the fun away:-(

My experience of "birmingham cable" AKA TeleWest was very much better - a new telephone instalation, coupled to cable tv, meant I got connected by modem at 52 000 kbs

The best news was that BT on 151 could tell me that MY broadband instalation had been started with 3 working days to go - and that was their excuse for the poor connecion speed - a patch cable ?

Google Search: FAQ and stuff

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