Sunday, September 19, 2004

Broadband and genealogy

I have subscribed to for a couple of years now

only subscribe to if you have a major USA connection
- sks did my US census look ups for me -- only one family - via an AOL
genealogy moderated chat room

I am keeping a low profile until I get reconnected to broadband next week

In UK AOL platinum 1 MB is a bargain with just now 20% off unil the
end of September
- better value than BT - 0800 help + unlimted traffic - + community

at the moment using a steam modem the best I can get out of the dirty old
BT POTS is 24 k bps

(1) get broad band
(2) ancestry images

meawhile post your questions to a Rootsweb list
or to news:soc.genealogy.britain

AOL rebadges local services such as the BT Voyager USB ADSL 100 modem

cable tv has also excellent broadband I am told - tnen use BYOA
but I think it really pays to usea a router

the start up of the machine is much quicker and there is less overhead for the AOL software
googled:- router broadband aol

AOL calls for UK broadband competition | The Register
very very true I dropped TeleWest because I wanted AOL

AOL offers a DSL home networking solution that allows you to share your AOL Broadband connection between computers, so that everyone in your house can access the Internet at the same time. Your family could be surfing the Web, shopping online, playing games and listening to music all at the same time!
<>To find out more about Home Networking with AOL, or if you get rerouted to a sales pitch try this - which is keyword ROUTER

and the FAQ
and Google Search: thompson router

a forum AOL Broadband USA


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