Saturday, April 09, 2005

AOL Spammer convicted

AOL Spammer Gets Nine Years:

Internet Spam artist Jeremy Jaynes has been sentenced to nine years in prison by a judge in Virginia.

The ruling is the first spam-related felony prosecution in the U.S. since the anti-span law was enacted in 2003.

As such, Loundoun Country Circuit Judge Thomas D. Horne told the Washington Post that 'This is a case of first impression. . . . It is a statute that is being tried for the first time,' and that Jaynes would not begin serving his sentence immediately due to legal issues.

The 30-year-old Jaynes of Raleigh, North Carolina was found guilty in November of sending out thousands of spam email to AOL mailboxes, a violation of Virginia's anti-spam law.
The case was tried in Loundoun as many of the spam emails traveled through an AOL server located there.

The prosecution said that Jaynes and his colleagues used phony internet addresses to send more than 10,000 spam e-mails to AOL members during a three-day period in July 2003."
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(the eight-most prolific spammer in the world, . . .


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