Friday, December 17, 2004

I'm back (2)

The LG U8120 worked well for about a week as a modem for my Sony Laptop
then an error message Hardware Failure :-(

so I took it back to the shop in Copenhagen Strøget - the "Walking Street" and after 24 hours got a free upgrade to a Motorola A925 which after much fiddling about connected at 230 kps

I have a 2 giga byte per month subscription at a reasonable price

but took about 4 hours and another help line call to get it working again - if it falls out it pays to reboot the telephone :-))

The software enables you to view hard disk C in the phone
(and drag and drop either way)

to get on line
so far I have to kill mRuter.exe from Windows task manager

whilst experimenting with Windows XP sp2 control panel
Phones and Modems

then the Motorla Simplify Manager could see the phobe as a modem

Possibly it works better with Blue Tooth instead of USB
but I cannot afford a BlueTooth dongle for this older machine

The 'puter software is advanced Beta in my opinion
perfectly useable if you can find out how to tweak it


Just lost the first version of this blog
the connection timed out :-(

Meanwhiile my Norton Virus has updated in the background

I wrote a review for Mobile Phones UK: Online Guide
but I forgot to add a link to this blog :-(

So I recovered most of my text

Symbian 7 operating system, the range of software available for the A925 is extensive.

As a 3G phone, the A925 supports all of 3's video mobile services: video calling, video messaging & downloading video clips. It supports assisted GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) for enhanced location-based services. It also benefits from high-speed data transfer whilst on the 3G network. The screen format supports widescreen video.


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