Monday, December 06, 2004

Error 734

after 5 days and about 4 hours on their help line
the truth about NetConnect På 3 is out

I got it wrong - see the next post above
an excellent email from the help staff
and it all works a treat !

See - Google Search: ppp link control terminated
Google Search: "error 734"

and "Error 691" or "Error 734" When You Attempt to Establish a Dial-Up Connection in Windows XP

LCP: PPP Link Control Protocol Overview (RFC 1570)

and another sufferer

All About Symbian Forums - Nokia D211 - Error 734 - PPP Link Protocol:
"Nokia D211 - Error 734 - PPP Link Protocol

Anyone help?

I bought on of the new Nokia D211 PCMCIA Cards to use with my laptop. I have inserted my Irish SIM Card and have been able to use it for Dial-Up to my ISP but can only connect at about 9.6 Kpbs. If i can get a connection through GPRS it should be quicker.

I have tried a few of the other solutions such as User Name: web, password: web and ensuring that the dial up number is *99#, i've also changed the security settings to allow the Unsecured password. I can seem to find anything else to get this to work? Anyone else any ideas? Im running WIN XP and the SIM card is IE Vodafone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


One Microsoft help page has been withdrawn or moved in their knowledge base
Google Search: "error 734" winxp sp2
Article ID : 310431
Last Review : November 4, 2003
Revision : 1.0

"Error 691" or "Error 734" When You Attempt to Establish a Dial-Up Connection in Windows XP :: GPRS :: "error 734: the PPP link controll protocol was terminated"
but my Sony Ericsson works well enough with Orange - forside

Orange - GPRS flatrate

Bruger du over 20 megabyte om måneden, kan du spare penge med GPRS flatrate. Fordele med GPRS flatrate:
pris pr. MB ned til 2,40 kr.
overblik over udgifterne Du betaler et fast månedligt beløb for de første 100 megabyte, og så kan du bare bruge løs.

GPRS flatrate
Månedligt tillægsabonnement inkl. 100 MB
240 kr.
Pris pr. yderligere MB
4,32 kr.

» læs mere om GPRS

I asked danish orange to update my subscription to this but they refused me :-(

so therefore I went to NetConnect På 3 they want me to uninstall SP2 which I refuse because of the security issues
and the cost of the download

Google Search: NetConnect På 3 winxp

more help
Troubleshooting Your Modem Connection (Windows)

In the PPP Settings window, find the checkbox labeled Negotiate multilink for single link connections. If the box is checked, click to remove the checkmark. If the box is already unchecked, click to make the checkmark appear, then click again to remove the checkmark.

Your search - "TE åbning mislykkedes" - did not match any documents.
which is the Danish error message on the phone.

my typical session here is so far:-

sent 675,704 byttes
received 2.203,550

and if I cannot pay my ORANGE telephone bill I will be off line for a couple of months -- LOL



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