Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Welcome to NETGEAR - Home - AOL Platinum sorted

Welcome to NETGEAR - Home

and a big thank you to the help line in Delhi, India.

I had to log on as admin with Internet Explorer to the DG834G router


Advanced >> WAN set up >>> MTU Size (in bytes)
and reduce the size of the MTU from about 1452 to 1400 which is the AOL network standard packet size.

Now to get MSN Messenger to work

Error code 0x8100031a

Welcome to the [MSN] Connection Troubleshooter.

With your permission, the troubleshooter will:

Find and fix system settings that might cause connectivity problems.
List programs that might prevent the connection.

Before you begin ...
We need your permission to find and fix system settings that are preventing a connection to MSN Messenger. If you agree to this, please select the I agree check box. If you do not agree, click Cancel to close the troubleshooter.

MSN Messenger Proxy Server ConfigurationOff

DG834G with free laptop card or USB
adapter for only £82.67 in a google ad. Curries charged £99.99
well I at least I could take it home at once

and next Welcome to
need to get my .Net passport sorted

Gmail worked fine straight away before the reconfig !

Google Search: "writing buddies" is another place I hang out and could not log on yesterday
- it also uses .NET passport. Seems to be hotmail trouble today?


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