Thursday, January 20, 2005

I watched ARD tv
becausen of all the errors with
- blogged by email offline

well here at the lappie I am, because I cannot sleep and I wanted to log on to which is the isp I use with my mobile phone.

They seem to do maintenamce on their server at 330am CET
because I get the repeated error 734 - tcp/ppp terminated

I also have tasted errors 678 682 692 and even error 31
but rebooting the Motorolla phone and placing it very firmly back in the chair cured the last.
The port speed is 115 kbps but the internal speed of the telephone looks like 30kbps

At least at 400 am I wil have the pleasure of :-
Die Schönste bahnstrecken europas
Zermatt - St. Moritz

Alpenbahn not Glacier Express Rail Tours Austria

I check text TV 304 on ARD

error 734 The PPP link control protcol was terminated - AGAIN

I have named the connection 3G MAY BE
too bad really - I had a good day and evening on line editing several
visiting chat rooms in USA via AOL and doing all my blogs
- though I will admit to scraping the barrel - googling to find matierial.

I have set up a home page on this machine
a netscape 7.2 edited version of the dashboard at
D:\Documents and Settings\Hugh Watkins\My Documents\Blogs in Denmark\QUICK

I got McAfee personal firewall as a freebie from AOL
so don't try andvisit this machine - it is locked up as tight as a rat's ***

440 am cet
there will be Tagesschau which is a 5 minute news summary

3 38 cet still failed I WANT MY MONEY BACK
I already had 4 days rebate because of start up diffculties
and am on my second mobile phone.

The Orange gprs connection is more reliable
but much more expensive and slower using the serial COM port.
452 amcet "3g may be" is no connenected

"Please sign in with your .NET Passport to see your online contacts,
have online conversations, and receive alerts."
msn messenger failed to log on

I am on ppp but their DNS server is down AGAIN

during the day noticed so many failed log ons
that I had to change my password

Now on the TV
a beautiful red Swiss electric loco is backing up to the train
and the station is Zermatt
and our journey to BRIG

out over well a mintained junction and newly reballasted track
into a long snow shed
cut to a mountain valley with a third central rail
- a catcher for minor derailments on a steep hillside ?
or is it a rack for rack and pinion mountain climbing?

Single track amongst the houses to St . Niklaus station
after a lumber yard or saw mill
which cuts the timber from the pine forested slopes.

a short tunnel so none of it edited out
and then slowing down to a walking pace
to engage the rack and pinion with a bang
an "A" on a round white sign to show the start

grinding up the rocky valley by a fast flowing stream
in it some rocks thesize of houses
a twin track passing place still with rack engaged over the points

a cut to a shot of the driver at work
and so the rack ends just before a short quarry siding
over a viaduct with two check rails

past a construction or track maintenance train on another siding
running over highly ballasted track quite slowly and into a newish concrete snowshed

a dirt track road crosses obliquely without booms or gates
a hesitation at a station rather than a stop

4 40 am still error 734
I would like to google for a map - HERE is one

The moutain valley is too steep for sensible skiing
another orange suited track maintenance crew

in and out of round portalled tunnels and over narrow viaducts
all at a modest speed then slowing to engage the pinion for the next climb - or is it a descent?

short and winding tunnels with squeaking flanges.
over a mainroad in a village through a station.

The overhead electrification has power feeder cables to every support

The driver slows the train down for an "E "on a round white sign and speeds up after the rack ends
there is a line of rusty drip marks down the centre of the sleepers

through a water spray which would cerainly splash some passengers if a window was open ! Now definitely going down hill by the milky river full of rock powdered by the glaciers.

Under a highway past a big stone crushing plant and overtaking cars and

Quite a lot of factories on the right over the road.

and into the substantail station of VISP

it always ends with a telephone number
Telefon: 0761-70310-0
Verlag: Eisenbahn Kurier
EK-Verlag GmbH
Postfach 500 111
79027 Freiburg

more shopping

440 am January 20 2005 and the network is still down

political news from N Germany?

Juschtshenko case over

merkel - straffen für Abgeornete
a parade of strikers in Hamburg

and GAZA again
Washington and the Bush musical fest.


Schröder launches Einstein-jahr in Berlin
and thej arcti icefloethreatening penguins

weather 4 to 10 degrees centigrade

Next Ursela Heller
W wie Wissen
With hi tech and science news.
white lions and lionesses in Africa

I really wanted to be on AOL !
with a dodgy ISP like

registering your computer on the network -- error 734
454 am
Tourette and tics on W wie Wissen tv
Aachen university professor

Danish TV 5 has LENO !
old repeated :-(

500 am on line at last
received 190 bytes
disconnect - and reboot telephone

5003 try again
is ok so gonna do my mail before going back to bed


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