Monday, September 26, 2005



The 9 PM ET Tuesday night chat, with Roundtop and Jayne, in the Ancestral Digs chatroom has been moved to 10 PM ET on Wednesday night in the Genealogy room
Please join us!!!!!

We're sorry for any inconvenience, but RT's work schedule has changed and Tues night was no longer an option for him. (And I sure didn't want to lose my co-host)

You can visit the Genealogy Schedule by going to which includes our Civil War chats.
Watch there for announcements for special programs in the chats... Enter your surnames, your brickwalls, Need help, GENTREK announcements, our Chat schedule, Your hosts can even let you know if they can't be in their chat and who might be subbing for them. Put this in your favorite places and visit if often.

You can also check out other Civil War chats, Mondays 9-10 PM ET and Thursdays 9-10 PM ET in the Mason Dixon Room (on AOL only) they have some great

Stop by the
NEW Genealogy CommunityWebsite. [] Please register and be sure to post your queries on the message boards.

NEW Genealogy Community Website. [] Please register and be sure to post your queries on the message boards. More content is being added all the time.

Put these screens names, CW GEN Roundtop, GCH Jayne CW, GCH Rua CW, GCH Sandy J, GCH Will C on your buddy list and if you can't find your way to the rooms, IM one of us and we'll get you in (AOL only).

from "The Weekly Fireside" 25 September 2005
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