Monday, September 26, 2005

What's new in McAfee Personal Firewall?

McAfee - Personal Firewall
this is also a freebie from AOL ,

to get it you just register via AOL keyword firewall to get an email allowing you to download it.

McAfee has added several key functional enhancements to its firewall technology. To strengthen the security and control that you have over how your computer accesses the Internet, Personal Firewall now features application fingerprinting and outbound filtering. These features help you control programmatic access to the Internet by allowing you to securely fingerprint trusted applications. Together, application fingerprinting and outbound filtering help to prevent malicious spyware and Trojans from sending data out of your computer to a hacker. To support these new features, McAfee has also updated its user interface and alert mechanism.

When the McAfee icon disappears from the system tray I re-register and download the latest version.


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