Sunday, February 13, 2005

MSN Messenger 6.2

Every time I log on with MSN messenger I get attacked by the QAZ Trojan
I think my daughters machine in Copenhagen must be infected

Luckily Norton filters and destroys that message.

PC Hell: The Qaz Trojan - Notepad.exe trojan:
"Qaz Trojan Information and Removal

What is QAZ Trojan Program?

This new backdoor Trojan allows hackers to access and control an infected system. TROJ_QAZ was initially distributed as 'Notepad.exe' but might also appear with different filenames.

Once an infected file is executed, TROJ_QAZ modifies the Windows registry so that it becomes active every time Windows is started. TROJ_QAZ also renames the original 'notepad.exe' file to '' and then copies itself as 'notepad.exe' to the Windows folder.

This way, the Trojan is also launched every time a user runs Notepad. TROJ_QAZ also attempts to spread itself to other shared drives on local networks.
This Trojan does not mass email itself out to lists in the users address book however.

How to Clean/Delete the QAZ trojan?
The registry needs to edited to delete this Trojan
Type REGEDIT and hit ENTER key

In the left panel, click the '+' to the left of the following:

In the right panel, search for any of the registry key that contains the data value of startIE=XXXX\Notepad.exe.
In the right window, highlight the registry key that loads the file and press the DELETE key. Answer YES to delete the entry.

Exit the registry.

Click START,SHUTDOWN. Choose 'Restart' and click OK.
Use the Find Tool under the Start Menu to find and rename to Notepad.exe. "

I have done all that and this Sony Laptop was clean.

BTW msn insisted today on updating MSN 6.2 build o2o5 messenger and wanted to install MSN toolbar make my home page and so I said no to three oprions.
- but google rules (for now) as recent tests show, and I have made an edited blogger dashboard page using composer and Netscape 7.2 on my own computer - so I can do routine tasks quickly.

this will only work on my machine of course
D:\Documents and Settings\Hugh Watkins\My Documents\Blogs in Denmark\QUICK MAILTO BLOGGER.html

I also have made some mailto links so I can click on them and post to my blogs in that way too.


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