Sunday, February 27, 2005

Phishing - fishing for your credit card details

I went to get the free, live online help from AOL (chat room seven days a week) because the email quoted below looked wrong

I forwarded it to CosUK as suggested

Subj: Credit Card Declined Notice
Date: 27/02/2005 12:27:09 GMT Standard Time

Dear AOL Member,

We recently attempted to charge you $23.90 for your unlimited cycle use plan
and your credit card issuer denied payment to our billing systems.
This usually occurs when billing information is out of date or billing address is false.
In order to keep your AOL Service active, You must visit AOL's Service Center

Immediately by clicking here. -- AOL never uses this kind of link for credit card stuff

If your account information is not updated within next 24 hours, We will be
forced to terminate your AOL account.

Thank you for cooperation towards this urgent matter.

AOL Help Is Always Available

If you ever need help using the AOL service while you are online, we have
online Customer Service representatives available at AOL Keyword: Live Help.

Thank you for choosing the America Online service!

Regina Lewis
Billing DepartmentAmerica Online Inc.

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improve your connection to the AOL service.

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NOTE: AOL strongly recommends that you contact your local phone company to
confirm that any access number(s) you have chosen for dial up access to AOL
will not cause toll or long distance charges to appear on your phone bill.
Simply because an access number has the same area code or city as your dial-up
location does not necessarily mean that it is in your local calling area. The
access number(s) that you have selected may not correspond to your local phone
company's billing designations and need to be carefully selected. If you do not
contact your local phone company, you may unnecessarily incur phone charges
when dialing an AOL access number. Only your local phone company can provide
this information.


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